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You Know You Go To Loyola University Chicago When

You Know You Go To Loyola University Chicago When

You Know You Go To Loyola University Chicago When

A lot of college experiences tend to be universal, like pulling all nighters or that freshman 15. But here are some things that you know only if you go to Loyola University Chicago. From late night nuggets, to WTC classes, you’ll be able to relate!

1. You know who Fran is.

Sweet Fran of sweet Simpson dining. If you don’t live near Simpson, it’s worth it to go out of the way to see her.

2. You know the struggle of the Mundelien elevators.

You either get to class 25 minutes early to avoid the line, crowd into the elevator, or decide to go to class sweaty by taking 7 flights of stairs.


3. You get excited by late night nuggets.

Late Night, aka the greatest thing. Late night nuggets and cheese fries. This is especially great when you have a night class that ends at 10pm in Cudahy (trust me).

4. You’ve been to Halas.

Halas, with all of it’s wonderful classes and the Rock Wall and a pretty view from the cardio room. Bless it for being open until midnight.


5. You’ve gotten used to not using a plastic water bottle.

Because you can’t really buy a plastic water bottle on campus and there’s fill up stations everywhere, you get used to bringing around a reusable one.

6. You know how important it is to have several reusable water bottles.

Because you’ll be walking back from class and go to take a sip of water and realize you left it on the floor in class.

7. You post lake pictures to make people from home jealous.

Especially if you come from an un-picturesque area or know most people went to school in cornfields. Plus, the lake is super pretty.

8. But you also prep yourself when you walk by in the winter.

They told you about the Lake Effect. You didn’t believe them. But, much like The Weeknd song, I can’t feel my face.

9. You get asked if you’re a Bio/Pre-med major when people find out you go there.

Yes, most people here are, but not everyone is. You can ask me if I can be your doctor, but there’s not much I can do in that department with a film degree.

10. You tell people that Jerry from Parks and Rec and Stanley from The Office went there.

Two iconic characters from two iconic shows went to LUC. That’s pretty cool. If/when they come back, it’ll be better than pretzel day.

11. You automatically feel sympathy for anyone who says they live in Mertz.

Sweet Mertz. It’s just so tall. It’s not great in comparison to other freshman dorms (except Campion). But, it’s not really that bad.

12. You know the feeling of getting a Campus Safety email about a crime on Michigan Avenue.

A con of having a campus near the Mag Mile. You get emails about a mugging, getting worried, but realize it’s from the WTC and not even related to Loyola.


13. You either love or hate the tunes played in Damen.

Sometimes you like eating a grilled cheese to “Stacey’s Mom” but other times, “Summer Lovin’” plays when you come in, dressed in a heavy coat and covered with snow and you are D-O-N-E Done.

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14. You want to have a WTC class.

The Water Tower Campus, or WTC, is right off Rush Street and Michigan Avenue. You see Corboy or the SOC and it just seems so fun. Getting on the shuttle or Red Line and showing up downtown.

15. You love TiVo.

TiVo the Therapy Dog. The goodest boy on campus. He is there for you to pet and to love and that’s all.

16. Your classes are mostly female.

The school is 64% female. Mertz only has 4 male floors. It’s very common to only have a handful of males in a class, but it gets more equal is stereotypically “masculine” classes or majors.

17. You know and love Sister Jean.

Sister Jean, the chaplain of the men’s basketball team, is the sweetest nun to ever have lived. She’s adorable and as, if not more, iconic as Lu Wolf.

18. You can’t go through those doors.

I need to graduate on time. It’s a hassle to get to Cudahy through the IC, but I’m not risking it. I can wait until 2020.


What else do you only understand when you go to Loyola University Chicago? Comment below!
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