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You Know You Go To James Madison University When

You Know You Go To James Madison University When

You know you go to James Madison University when these things happen. These are classic signs JMU students experience at some point in college.

Every school has its special quirks and qualities. It is part of what make people take so much pride in their school. At James Madison there are many different things that make this a mixing bowl of many different types of people, but at the end of the day we are united by common qualities. You know you go to James Madison University when…

1. You don’t relate the smell of dog food to dogs, but that it is probably going to rain.

2. You own a blanket specifically for the quad- most likely referred to as your “Quad Blanket”


3. You have questioned if the JMaddy statue is really how tall James Madison was.

4. You own (or at least know someone who owns) an Eno.

5. You love east campus for festival and Ehall, but especially the amazing sunsets.

6. Forrest isn’t actually a forest and Gingerbread has nothing to do with gingerbread.

7. The Starbucks truck (which is one of four in the country!!) knows your name.

8. You feel comfortable using your phone, backpack, or laptop to mark your table in the dining halls or libraries.

9. You have been to the puppy farms or hiked to Reddish Knob at least once.

10. Purple & Gold streamers aren’t just for parties.

11. Half of the t-shirts you own are JMU related and almost all of them were free.

12. You make the 30 minute walk from the Quad to Ehall because it’s just that good.



13. A “FROG” isn’t just an animal to you… it’s a First yeaR Orientation Guide.

14. It’s January but having a 65 degree day isn’t unexpected, just remember it will be 30 degrees again tomorrow.

15. You have at least 20 pictures with friends on the quad.

16. You’ve yelled “JMU” to a tour group.

17. Seeing missing quad bricks, especially after the weekend, is the norm.

18. You bleed purple and gold.

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