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You Know You Are From Texas If…

You Know You Are From Texas If…

Texas is full of things that are bigger and better! With that in mind, here are all the signs you're from the Lone Star State!

Texas. The biggest state on the mainland, home to Whataburger, Dr.Pepper, ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ and…Vanilla Ice. Well, they can’t all be winners. Anyway, Texas is one of famous states that gives the U.S. its identity, next to California, Florida and New York. Therefore, it’s easy to distinguish if a given person’s from the Lone Star State. Here are few signs.


You know you’re from Texas if you’ve got a place in your heart for the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. You may not be into football, you may not even be into sports, but every time you hear or see that the Cowboys are playing a game, you root for them all the same, as if it’s you’re God-given duty.

You Know You Are From Texas If...


You know you’re from Texas if you think it’s okay to have tacos in the morning for breakfast. Thanks to Texas being only a hop, skip, and a jump from Mexico, their culture has a strong hold within the state. One of the forms that hold takes is the form of breakfast tacos, which can have eggs, bacon, cheese; it’s like having a breakfast omelet wrapped in a taco shell. And no Texan would say no to one without very good reason.


You know you’re from Texas if you’re a patron of the state-wide grocery chain H.E.B. Odds are, growing up in the state, you parents must have taken you to that store hundreds, if not thousands of times. Personally, I was shocked when I discovered in Florida that H.E.B. was Texas only. Texans out of state will no doubt wish that their favorite grocery chain was nationwide.

You Know You Are From Texas If...


As mentioned earlier, Whataburger is one of the things Texans can take pride in, and rightly so. Just as each and every state has their own burger shack and grocery store chain, Texas has Whataburger, predominately, at least. There are a few stores across the southern United States, but again, the chain is primarily located in Texas . Known for their unique brand and toasted buns, the burger shack is beloved by all Texans. When I went to college in florida, whenever I came back to my home state, the first thing I did was order a Whataburger meal. Every time.

You Know You Are From Texas If...

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There’s a saying that’s adopted by Texans regarding the weather: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes for it to change.” You know you’re from Texas if crazy changes are happening to the weather and you can take them in stride. Another fact that shows you’re a Texan is if you have a fondness for sunsets over flat plains and fields.


This one’s easy to spot. You know you’re from Texas if you have even a smidgeon of pride when someone brings up the Alamo, and the battle that was fought and lost against Santa Anna during the Texas Revolution. It’s one of, if not the, most famous fight that’s happened within the state, so much so that the remains of the mission are considered the most popular tourist spot in Texas. If you puff out your chest in pride whenever someone mentions the Alamo, you know you’re from Texas.

You Know You Are From Texas If...


You know you’re from Texas if you take umbrage when people say all country music sounds the same. While country music is not Texas-only, it is treasured by quite a few people within the state. As such, those that blindly disregard the music genre often draw the ire of the Texan people.

These are only some of the ways that can be used to identify people from Texas. Are there any other you know about? Let us know about them below!
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