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You Know You Are From Rhode Island If…

You Know You Are From Rhode Island If…

Growing up in Rhode Island comes along with a lot of signs that its your home state. Here are some of the biggest signs you're from Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is truly a special state, from its splendid beaches to people drinking a strange concoction called coffee milk. The best part about Rhode Island is that you get a little bit of everything despite the petite size of the state. Down at places such as Narragansett, you get to enjoy the glittering coastline every summer. Places such as Scituate become Instagram worthy the minute autumn hits and all the gigantic trees over there mature into a gorgeous shade of orange and red.

Providence is heavily steeped into the arts culture with its many theaters and RISD, one of the top art schools in the country, is located there. And lastly, no matter where you are in the state, there are many great places to eat at, whether it is Italian food on Federal Hill or chowder (correction: ‘chowdah’) in Newport.

1. Del’s is a true indicator that summer is down the corner the minute it reopens for the season.

And your social media becomes spammed with people holding a Del’s cup saying “First one of the season!”


2. Every market you have been into has Autocrat Coffee Syrup in stock.

People from out-of-state will never understand the glory of coffee milk.


3. You have been downing Awful Awfuls at Newport Creamery since your childhood.

Awful Awful Mondays is also the greatest thing in the entire universe (They are buy one get one free).

4. You have passed the Big Blue Bug on I-95 probably one million times.

5. People from out of state scratch their heads when you call a water fountain a “bubbler.”

Besides Rhode Islanders and people from scattered parts of the Midwest, nobody says this.


6. You have been to Waterfire.

7. You went to Roger Williams Park Zoo every summer as a child.

8. You know that our most famous RI native is Pauly D

He is tied with Buddy Cianci.

9. You have driven by Taylor Swift’s gigantic beach mansion in Watch Hill.


10. You can firmly declare that Iggy’s has the best chowder and clam cakes in the state.

Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett comes in a close second.

11. You equate driving 5 miles as strenuous and difficult as driving through the Rocky Mountains and back.

God forbid if you have to drive from Johnson to Warwick…


12.You have seen this jar of sauce at the market made by the “Prince of Providence.”

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13. You have a weird, almost indiscernible accent and pronounce words such as “coffee” as “kaw-fee.”

14. Every road has a pothole.

This is the main reason why many people think that Rhode Island has bad drivers. You literally have to swerve once every 5-10 minutes to avoid a pothole.


15. You don’t know how to dress because the weather flip-flops all the time.

This isn’t just exclusively a Rhode Island problem; all of New England is affected by this phenomenon.

16. Your heart stops every time you see a Haven Brothers truck.

17. You have eaten at Federal Hill, which is basically Little Italy.


18. You have visited one of the many mansions in Newport.

19. You go to the Scituate Art Festival every October during Columbus Day Weekend.

20. You know that we have the best beaches.

For such a tiny state, we are seriously blessed with an array of majestic, gorgeous beaches. During the summer, you don’t have to resort to one beach – there are plenty of beaches in Narragansett, Newport, and Westerly to choose from. And the best part is that all this beauty is only about 30 minutes away!


What do you think are some signs you’re from Rhode Island? Tell us in the comments!
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