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You Know You Are From Ohio If…

You Know You Are From Ohio If…

Ohio is a state that can really define a person. That being said, these are some signs that you're probably originally from Ohio.

Ohio, the state where construction is considered its own season and a cornfield can be found around every turn. Those of us who are from Ohio hate it, but will get defensive the minute anyone else tries to bash our home. We love to hate this state, and hate to love it just as much. Whether you are from Ohio, or simply curious what it’s actually like to live there, here are 20 surefire ways to understand what it’s like to be from Ohio.

1. You were born with a deep, burning hatred for all things Michigan.

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2. When you hear anyone shout “O-H”, it is your absolute duty to respond with “I-O”.

3. You actually know how to play corn hole, and believe that a party isn’t a party without it.

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4. You often give directions in increments of time, such as “It’s 30 minutes north of Dayton”.

5. It’s pop…not soda. Convince us otherwise.

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6. You’re used to never knowing what the weather will be like each day, and are used to often experiencing all four seasons in a single day.

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7. Ohio is so flat that you often find yourself questioning whether mountains really exist.

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8. You feel personally betrayed that Lebron left the Cavs for the Lakers.

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9. You either love or hate Lebron James, there is no in between.

10. Construction is simply a way of life for you, and is often considered Ohio’s 5th season.

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11. You know that chili tastes better on top of noodles. This is a fact.

12. Buffalo Wild Wings is exclusively referred to as Bdubs.

13. You know that there’s no other OSU than Ohio State, and that the other “OSU” doesn’t exist.

14. If you don’t live directly next to a cornfield, you drive by one at least once a day.

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15. Whenever someone mentions Miami, you don’t think of that place down in Florida.

16. You know that deer crossings should be taken very, very seriously.

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17. You use the word “ope” on a daily basis ¬†whenever you bump into someone, drop something, or basically anything else.

18. You’ve most likely spelled OHIO with your arms at one time or another.

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19. Having to drive long distances for….basically anything fun or interesting is normal to you.

20. You’ve probably spent your whole life saying you can’t wait to leave this place, but it will always be home.

Are you from Ohio? Do you agree with these signs? Tell us in the comments!
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