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You Know You Are From New York If…

You Know You Are From New York If…

You Know You Are From New York If...

Every New Yorker has specific traits, that identify that their from New York. Not all New York natives are from Manhattan, some are from New York State. People instantly think I’m from NYC, when I tell them that I’m from New York. I usually let them think that because majority of people know nothing about New York State other than NYC and its boroughs. I grew up in Rockland County which is a 30-45 minute drive from the city. If you grew in Rockland, you definitely got to experience of suburban and city living. Many people from New York state have adapted certain traits and experiences from NYC! Whether it’s saying “Deadass” or eating a chop cheese from the bodega! Here are a few things that are relatable if you grew up in Lower New York State and NYC.

Deadass Is Part Of Your Vocab

Every major city has its own slang. LA natives say “Hella” while Bostonians love to say the word “Wicked”. New Yorkers love to say “DeadAss”! It’s part of our everyday vocabulary. Deadass basically means that you’re serious! Here’s an example, “I deadass told her to stop running back to her ex-boyfriend.” If you are from New York, you’ve definitely said deadass in a sentence! This is a sign that you’re from New York!

You Wear Timbs

Timberlands are a major fashion staple for anyone from New York! Whether you grew up in the city or in the suburbs, you’ve contemplated about buying a fresh pair of Timbs in the wheat colorway. They’re perfecting for stomping on the snow and give grungy construction worker vibes to an outfit! If you’ve seen memes involving NY fashion expect to see a pair of Timbs. This is a sign that you’re from New York!

You Know You Are From New York If...

You Know How To Take The Subway PROPERLY

Every New Yorker should know how to properly take the train and swipe a MetroCard. Tourist tend to complain about the trains being confusing and how hard it is to swipe a MetroCard. Sorry tourist but this is New York, we have places to go and people to see!

You Know You Are From New York If...

No One Knows Your Town

This is relatable for those from Lower New York State. New York is a huge state but no one bothers to know about the many areas in New York State. People are shook when you tell them that you’re from New York state and not NYC. I just act like I’m from Brooklyn, when talking to who isn’t from New York. This is a sign that you’re from New York!

You Went To NYC Every Weekend

Depending on where you live in New York State, there was always the opportunity to go to NYC. If you’re from Rockland or Westchester, taking the train or driving to the city is an option. Being able to visit the city whenever gave me a chance to embrace a city and suburban living.

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You Know You Are From New York If...

You Know How To Drive!

It’s SUPER rare to meet someone who has a drivers license in NYC. If you grew up in suburbs, there’s a great chance that you have a license. Unlike living in the city, public transportation sucks in the suburbs. Yes, we have buses and taxi services but who wants deal with schedules or missing the bus, when it’s only 5 minute drive from your house. This is an obvious signs that you’re from New York.

You Know You Are From New York If...

NYC Accent

It’s easy to identify a New Yorker by their accent. All 5 boroughs have different accents and slang. If you’re from Lower State New York like myself, you definitely have an NYC accent. Depending on your school district there’s a chance that majority of your classmates moved from the city to your town. Being exposed to them gave you the opportunity to learn NYC slang and build an accent. This is a sign that you’re from New York!

Are you from New York? Have you done any of these signs? Are there any other signs that show you’re from New York State/NYC? Comments and share with fellow New Yorkers!
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