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You Know You Are From Cleveland, OH If…

Cleveland, OH is where I am from! It’s one of the most up and coming cities in the  U.S. It’s small but there many places to visit as a tourist, however, if you are from Cleveland, you are about tired of seeing these places every day. Being on the east coast we are accustomed to many different luxuries. If you are a Clevelander, you are going to understand what I am talking about.

The Hard Rock Cafe isn’t All That

The Famous Hard Rock Cafe that is located on the edge of downtown Cleveland is a tourist attraction for sure. However, to the locals, it’s just an0ther fancy restaurant. Sure when you walk inside, you may hear one of the greatest rock performers of all time playing on the overhead speakers, photographs old and new famous entertainers and maybe some autographed treasures scattered all over the walls. Nevermind what is in it, it’s about the location! It sits in the upper left corner of a very old building turned city mall called Tower City. Parking is always a hassle, the homeless roam around the entrance, it has a distinct urine smell and it seems to be forever empty. Most Clevelanders’ don’t make a big hoopla over it.

Lebron Hurt Your Feelings

Cleveland, OH was in shambles when our very own number one player Lebron James decided to take his talents to South Beach, Florida. From burning jersey’s to taking down his infamous poster plastered on a side of a building in the middle of downtown; the people of Cleveland were utterly heartbroken. However, that didn’t stop us from buying his new tennis shoes. everyone seemed to calm down once he came back and gave us a championship, but you know how people are. They just won’t let the man live.

Dodging Potholes Is A Sport

It doesn’t matter where you are in Cleveland, OH, the streets are jacked up! I don’t care if you’re in the suburbs of Pepperpike or rural areas of the old Amish country, you’re going to run into many potholes. You would think that the city would fix the problem, but no. They’ll patch up the holes with asphalt one by one instead of doing the whole street. So, instead of potholes ruining your car, you have to drive in slow motion to keep your head from bobbing and weaving going over the bumps.

50 Degree Weather Feels Like Summer

When the weather reaches 50 degrees, what a time to be alive! Especially when we are coming out of a dreadful winter; brisk winds, 4 to 6 inches of snow, chapped lips and need to warm up your car ten minutes before driving. On this day, just about everyone is outside soaking up the sun. While presently living in Los Angeles, it pains me to see people bundled up with hats and scarves when it’s only 52 degrees out. I just laugh and think to myself, “you don’t know what cold is”.

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“$3.65 For Gas?! I Think Not!!—$2.65 For Gas, Hello!!”

Cleveland, OH spoiled me when it came to filling up my tank with only $25. I wanted to shed a few tears looking at the gas prices around L.A. Anything over $3.40 is entirely too much to be paying for gas as a Clevelander. Our favorite saying for skipping out on an event we do not want to go to is, “I don’t have no gas!” or “Gas is entirely too high to be driving all around Cleveland”.

You Have Unlimited Faith In The Cleveland Browns

So, Cleveland, OH loves sports! Some may say it’s sad, but if you ask just about anyone from Cleveland who their favorite team is, they are going to throw in The Browns/Dog Pound. Ohioians, in general, is very patriotic when it comes to sports. We love to rep our teams especially the Cleveland Indians and Ohio State. Even though it has been over thirty years since The Browns seen a Super Bowl we still root for them like they are the number one team in NFL.

Cleveland, Oh can be a cool place to live, after all, I’m from there and I’m not so bad. There are interesting things to do here if you ever chose to vacation. Please comment down below in the comments if you have ever been to Cleveland or if you plan on visiting. If so, where are you trying to go?

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