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You Know You Are From Brampton If…

You Know You Are From Brampton If…

If home really is where the heart is, then Brampton makes for quite the unique home. From a ski hill that’s allegedly made of garbage to having one – or one hundred – too many Sandy Kennedy notepads in your home, here are 10 sings you know you’re from Brampton.

1. The Drivers

Honestly, I don’t even need to go into any more detail than the two words above. For anyone from Brampton: if you know, you know.

And for those of you outsiders, I’m allowed to say Brampton drivers suck because I’m from here. You, however, need to stay in your lane (pun not intended).

2. You’ve Been To Chinguacousy Park’s “Garbage” Ski Hill

Alright guys, I have some shocking news about this one. Brampton’s infamous ski hill that’s really just a mountain of trash is apparently a myth.

According to my extremely reliable sources (aka google) the hill is actually made from dirt which was used in a construction project. The truth falls flat, I’m aware. That’s why I’ll be perpetuating the trash story. The garbage ski hill lives!

You Know You Are From Brampton If…

3. You Know Mackay Has The Best Pizza

If you’re from Brampton, you’ve had Mackay pizza (and patties) at least once in your life. I’m a vegetarian and even I know the patties have some sort of underlying power in them that makes them irresistible. Also, Mackay has the best pizza in town (and the GTA). It’s a fact, don’t @ me.

You Know You Are From Brampton If…

4. You’ll Be Using Sandy Kennedy Notepads To Teach Your Grandchildren Math

Okay maybe you won’t be using these notepads for that specific reason, it’s just not practical.

Let’s be real though, along with Russell Peters and Michael Cera, Sandy Kennedy completes the perfect Brampton trio. (Tristan Thompson has been excluded from this narrative until further notice).

5. You’re Aware Brampton Is Also Known As The Flower City

Does anyone actually know why we call Brampton the flower city? Yeah, I didn’t know either.

A quick Wikipedia search remedied that and I could easily tell you, but I think there’s authenticity in the unawareness that comes with Brampton’s other name.

6. You’ve Become Used To Fireworks In November

One wonder of Canada is that it’s a cultural mosaic and for that reason, fireworks in November no longer have the ability to faze you. If you live in Brampton that is. Bring on the Diwali fireworks y’all, it’s not called the festival of lights for nothing.

Just please stop at a reasonable time (no 1:00 a.m. is not a reasonable time. It’s way past that and I’m way past tired, please stop).

You Know You Are From Brampton If…

7. Brampton Or Browntown?

Whenever Brampton comes up in a conversation you’ve most likely referred to it as Browntown. Probably as fast as you can, effectively taking the opportunity away from outsiders.

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They know it’s full of brown people. You know it’s full of brown people. We all know. Remember that cultural mosaic I mentioned earlier? Refer to that point for any further questions or concerns.

8. Getting The Dramatic Eye-Roll When You Tell People Where You’re From

I just have one question: What’s with the dramatic AF eye-roll people give when we tell them we’re from Brampton? The dramatic performance of that eye-roll can have it applying to become a member of ACTRA on its own.

Listen people, if we were good enough to make it into a Drake song (even if he was referring to Brampton girls as local action) we definitely don’t need your unsolicited judgment. Thank you, next.

You Know You Are From Brampton If…

9. You Went To High School With An Aspiring Artist

I know what you’re thinking. Everyone went to school with an aspiring artist. Well, duh.

But Brampton’s a unique case because 99% of the time, said aspiring artist was probably working towards a rapping career. I sincerely hope it worked out those two kids I went to school with who wanted to become rappers.

10. “From The Six”

Even though you’re quick to stand up for Brampton when needed – and let’s be real, it’s often a necessity – you find yourself telling people you’re “from the six.” It’s cool, I get it. It’s easier than having to experience the whole eye-roll thing again.

You Know You Are From Brampton If…

Are you a Bramptonian who can think of other signs that you know you’re from Brampton? Let us know by commenting below!

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