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You Know You Go To GVSU When

You Know You Go To GVSU When

Grand Valley State University
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Let’s be real here, every school has its own quirks that make the school and everyone in it feel interconnected. Your friends at SVSU aren’t going to know the struggles of your everyday school life but your classmates might. From teachers to just getting around campus in general, here are situations you know you go to GVSU.

1. Fresh &Co

People go to Fresh for not only variety of food but supposedly to get the best bang for their buck.You aren’t going to get full eating fries and a burger from Engrained, that’s for sure. While the price $9-10 doesn’t seem worth it , the variety as well as all you can eat make the price worth it.

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2. The one library that happens to be huge, and contains more than eight floors can seem scary, and during finals or Sundays are packed (people seem to cram on Sun).

But when there is barely any elbow room to get what you need done sometimes you have to resort to other places.


3. Clubs , from sororities to even a pokemon club social clubs are a great way to get involved on campus.

The variety of clubs makes it easy to not only discover new friends but also new interests as well. Going into junior year I had no idea that farm club or pokemon club or even bee keeping club was a thing.

4. Sororities and Frats, usually you can spot them out easily by their matching shirts or the whole “omg I haven’t seen you in foreverrrrr girl,” mantras.

They’re at their tables trying to get you to sign up but then forget to tell you how much everything costs(or purposely). While GVSU’s are significantly less expensive the exclusive club isn’t for everyone’s taste.

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5. Bussing in Allendale/GR is convenient on a cold day.

Not wanting to walk from one end of the school to the other (it’s about 1-2 miles) or getting to Meijer/Downtown/Firestation. Everyone knows that spending hundreds of dollars to park your car is an annoyance but these buses take you to spots that provide free parking or in general can just save you gas if you have a downtown class. These buses are also the perfect “dd” when your party hopping.


6. Teachers at Grand Valley will always make a point to remember your name and get to know you.

We all want to groan when the first day rolls around and we have to play “participation and get to know you games” but these are a life saver in the long run. You’ll find an icebreaker to talk about as well as to your teacher you’ll never just be a number.

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7. Football games are filled with laughter and fun (and maybe a bit too much booze) but overall Football games are a day in itself.

From parking your car to tailgate 5 hrs before the game starts or getting ready in the bathroom to take the perfect squad photo football is everything. Win or lose will determine how many people decide to stay. The student section at GV could use some work, most of the time everyone is gone by half time, but if the score is 30-1 people know how this game will end.


8. I’ll buy you food with my debit dollars is a sure fire way that gets your broke friend out of eating ramen the 5th day in a row.

When money runs out and you don’t want to eat alone (no one really does unless your busy) spotting a friend is usually what happens. Using the app to get your food quicker in a long line is a life savor as well.

9. Printing issues.

This seems to be an ongoing thing throughout the year and never just ends. While GVSU does try its best to resolve the issue it is still frustrating as hell..

10. Taking “shortcuts” these aren’t really shortcuts but rather an easy way to avoid walking in the worst of weathers .

The best one is the tunnel that leads from the library to your favorite food places. But depending on the weather going through 10 different buildings to get to class might be the best option.

What are some other ways to know if you went to GVSU?! Drop us a line below!
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