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You Have To Try These Ways Of Making Extra Money In College

You Have To Try These Ways Of Making Extra Money In College

You Have To Try These Ways Of Making Extra Money In College

The term “broke college student” is not a myth in any way, shape or form. It is a real thing and very much well a reality that plenty of college students are forced to live with on a daily basis. And not all college students have the ability or opportunity to work a job while in school. If you’re in that position or if you are just seeking a little extra money, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find a list of feasible options you could use to put some extra money in your pockets!

1. Thrifting

This method of making extra money presents the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, so take advantage!

On one hand, you’d be surprised at the amount of cool pieces and you’d find in the thrift. Depending on where you go and how consistently you visit, you’re almost guaranteed to find gems in the rough with a little effort and patience while you search. You’ll also practically cut your shopping expenses in half, if not more!
On the other hand and most importantly, there are insane profits to be made. Most times, thrift stores and the people who donate to them either don’t know or don’t care about the true value of the clothes they’re making available to the public. Their actions are more driven by the the convenience of getting rid of the unwanted clothes. That then presents you the opportunity of not only making extra money, but to also have impressive profit margins. Buy for dirt cheap and sell high.
You Have To Try These Ways Of Making Extra Money In College

2. Tutoring

Without the worry of having to clock in for hours on-end at a job, there should be more than enough time for you to be on top of your grades and coursework. However, we’re all human and we realize that may not always be the case. Our priorities may end up swaying elsewhere, and the fact of the matter is some students are just naturally more inept in certain areas than others.
If you’re one that’s advanced in a particular subject or area of study, this tip can definitely bring in some extra money. All that is required is time. Tutoring other students is a great option for those who want to avoid strenuous hard work and labor. Knowing how vigorous some college courses can be, you won’t have to worry about a shortage of students to tutor any time soon.
You Have To Try These Ways Of Making Extra Money In College

3. Selling Old or Used Textbooks

If you learn only one thing about making extra money from this entire article, please just learn this one thing. Do not ever sell your old textbooks to those “buy-back” tents and shops on or around your campus. They will give you what seems like pennies for books you originally spent $50+ for.
Instead, do a quick search on the internet for websites that will allow you to advertise and sell directly to consumers. That way, you can see the actual value of the book and how much they have sold for in the past, giving you the freedom to decide whether or not the return you’ll receive is in your favor.
You Have To Try These Ways Of Making Extra Money In College

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

In college, we’re all honestly just trying to get in where we fit in. A majority of us haven’t secured a job in our career field as of yet, and we all could use some extra money. These methods have proven to work, and it can’t hurt to give them a try. So write these methods down and remember them the next time your palms are itching!

Have you tried any of these ways of making extra money? Do you know of any other methods? Let us know in the comments!

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