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13 Yoga Videos To Try For People Just Starting Out

Looking for a way to release all your stress and bring more positivity and light into your life? Yoga is definitely the practice for you! Not only are the physical benefits plenty, but yoga also strengthens you mentally. Practicing any form of yoga every day will set your body and mind up for success. Although most studios are closed at the moment, there are still several online videos to get you started on your yoga journey. Here are some great beginner yoga videos for anyone who’s interested in getting a taste of the amazing benefits of the practice.

1. Yoga For Complete Beginners- 2o Minute Home Yoga Workout! By Yoga With Adrien

“Yoga With Adriene” was started on Youtube by actress and yoga teacher Adriene Mischler. With over 7 million subscribers, Adriene wants to provide yoga to people of all ages at no cost. Adriene has several beginners and foundational yoga videos and even some challenges to help you ease your way into yoga. This video is only a 20-minute flow and is really just meant to help you start to understand what yoga is all about.

2. Yoga For Beginners 20 Minute Home Morning Yoga Workout By Yoga With Tim

Another really popular YouTube yoga channel is Yoga With Tim. Tim has over 152K subscribers and posts a variety of videos to help you dig deep into your yoga practice. This Yoga for Beginners video helps you understand the basic postures and prepares you to really start working your body. Tim’s channel is perfect for those looking to focus on the physical aspects of yoga and learning how to deepen postures to feel good in your body.

3. Easy Yoga for Beginners with Kino by KinoYoga

Kino MacGregor creates videos for people of all different yoga levels. Kino really preaches that yoga is more than just a physical practice; it is a lifestyle that goes on and off your mat. This 20-minute video will open you up to the world of yoga. Kino also makes several beginner yoga challenges where you can really start to learn all about the practice of yoga.

4. Flexibility and Range of Motion|Beginner Yoga With Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a world-renowned instructor who has created a YouTube channel to allow her teachings to be accessible to people from all over the world. She has several different videos that target a specific body area or theme. This specific video focuses on flexibility and range of motion which is important for beginner yogis. It’s a quick 9-minute class to get your body moving and improve your flexibility!

5. Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow For Beginners| Ali Kamenova

Power yoga vinyasa is a great way to get your body moving and destress. Ali Kamenova loves both the spiritual and physical practice of yoga and shares amazing workout videos on her channel. This particular video is made for beginner yogis and focuses on alignment and breath. If you’re looking to do yoga and find workouts for weight loss, Ali Kamenova’s YouTube videos are the perfect place to start.

6. Beginner Yoga: Complete Beginner 60-min Yoga Class- Start Yoga w/ Me By Brett Larkin

Trying to find a longer yoga class that is easy and fun? Brett Larkin’s 60-minute beginner yoga class will get you up and moving! Brett made this class for true beginners so even if this would be your first yoga class ever, she will help support and guide you throughout the class! Join Larkin’s other 386K YouTube subscribers and watch her videos!

7. 10 Minute Morning Yoga For Beginners by Sara Beth

Sara Beth tends to focus a lot on mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation in a lot of her videos which is important to include in your yoga practice. This 10-minute flow will stretch you out and energize you for whatever your day holds.

8. Gentle Empowerment Yoga With Genieve C: 60-min Class C1| CorePower Yoga

If you know me you probably know that I am obsessed with CorePower Yoga. The C1 sequence is a perfect step for beginners to experience CorePower yoga. I love how CorePower focuses so much on mindfulness and specific themes to allow yogis to ground down and strengthen that mind-body connection. If you would like to get more videos like this one, you can start the CorePower OnDemand free trial which lets you access over 300+ classes!

9. 20 Minute Flow For Beginners By Yoga by Candace

Candace has a lot of shorter yoga sequences on her channel. Also, she often incorporates a lot of modifications you can make so that the poses feel better and most beneficial in your body. This video is a short flow for beginners, that’s slower than a traditional vinyasa flow but still introduces beginners to a typical yoga flow.

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10. 30 Minute Full Body Stretches For Flexibility- Gentle Beginner Yoga Flow By Yoga TX

One great thing about Yoga TX’s videos is that they offer poses that assist people that have pain in certain areas of their bodies. This beginner video allows yogis to gain flexibility and strength, while also offering specific poses with those with pain or tension in their back and neck.

11. Yoga for Beginners By Bad Yogi Yoga

Bad Yogi Yoga was created as a channel to be inclusive to all people so everyone can enjoy the practice of yoga. This class is just meant as a way for beginner yoga practices to get a feel for the poses and start to know more about their body.

12. Beginner Yoga Strength Class| Yoga With Patrick Beach

Patrick and his girlfriend Carling began their own YouTube channel to create accessible yoga videos to all people. A lot of their videos focus on strengthening and stability. This specific class is great because it helps beginners build their foundations and start to become more comfortable in the postures.

13. 2o Minute Beginner Yoga Flow with Sydney Cummings

Although Sydney Cummings is not a certified yoga teacher, she does have a really strong grasp of simple yoga flow and is great at stretching out your body. Sydney Cummings has amazing workout videos, gives great motivational advice, and is so upbeat and positive! Some of her videos are really challenging, but she always pushes everyone to work as hard as they can.

Yoga has helped me so much in my everyday life and hopefully, you get to experience some of the truly special benefits that yoga offers. Remember yoga is not about looking a certain way in a posture; it’s about doing what’s right for your body and what makes you feel good and strong!

Have you tried any of these online yoga videos before? Let us know in the comments below!

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