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20 Yoga Outfits You’ll Want To Live In

Yoga outfits are the latest fashion trend that people of all ages have gravitated to. Whether you do yoga or not, yoga outfits are the way to go. They provide comfort while still looking cute and put-together. They can go from the gym to class, to the store, or just laying around your house. Spice up your look with some super cute yoga outfits that you’ll want to live in.

1. Over the heel leggings

A cute piece in yoga outfits is of course comfy leggings. A new trend that I’ve seen is the over the heel leggings. This is great for not only keeping your leggings in place but also it makes it more comfortable to do yoga poses. These of course come in a variety of different colors and sizes.

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2. Breathable/see-through leggings with matching top

Leggins are often just a simple, single fabric. A new trend is having partial seethrough portions on the leggings that form a unique pattern This see-through portion is usually a stretchy, mesh fabric of the same color as the rest of the leggings. Not only does this make the leggings and the overall look appear so cute but they also make it more breathable and therefore comfortable.

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3. Strappy tops with leggings

Yoga outfits often include a cute, comfortable top. These tops are usually stretchy, are cropped to be more moveable. You can always buy a regular, simple-strapped top, however, there are some cute ones to add to your outfits that are strappy in the back. These straps are called zig-zag or lightning straps.

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4. High waisted leggings with a twist top

Twist tops can add a little something extra to your yoga outfit. It contours your waist and also allows for a more comfortable, form-fitting look but that still gives you some breathing room. These tops pair super well with some high waisted leggings.

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5. Leg warmers and sweater

Yoga outfits are awesome because they can also be worn year-round. All you need is a few warm pieces to add like trendy new leg warmers and an athletic-wear sweater. These combined, not only look super cute and put-together, but they also keep you warm while still allowing you to be active.

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6. Matching seamless tops and leggings

Yoga outfits are one of the very few outfits that allow you to match your top and bottom to the exact color. There is something about yoga outfits that make it color matching so cute!

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7. Fitted crop tops with high waisted leggings

I know a lot of women who are a little afraid of wearing a fitted crop top, myself included. However, one thing I’ve realized is how much more comfortable it is to work out or even just chill on the couch with a crop top on versus a T-shirt or other workout clothing. So I say, wear it if you want to and just live your life. Plus, we got high waisted leggings to pair the crop top with anyway.

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8. Onesie

Yes, you read the right. There are yoga outfits that are simply just an onesie! It is form-fitted, but can you imagine how comfortable these would be?

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9. Yoga jacket

Jackets are also a popular trend as far as yoga outfits. Let’s face it, you don’t want to walk around in a sports bra or tank top all day long, but you also don’t want to sacrifice your whole look or the comfort of it as well. Yoga jackets are a thing and are the perfect fashion solution.

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10. Tank top and fitted sweats

Save the over-sized sweats you got from college for bedtime. You want something a little more cute and presentable. Yoga sweatpants are a thing and they are so soft, comfortable, and adorable!

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11. Cropped long sleeve with leggings

Some people like a long sleeve shirt as part of their yoga outfit. A nice, fitted long sleeve cropped shirt can compliment any shape or form and even make you look extra athletic.

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12. Sweater with a pop of color on the leggings

Bright leggings can be toned down with neutral-colored tops. Just like a work out outfit can be made more wearable to places other than the gym if you add some more casual tops.

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13. Sleeveless tank top with shorts or leggings

If you sweat a lot while you work out than a no-sweat tank top is perfect for you. I’ve also seen these tops paired with a long sports bra or tank top underneath to give it more of a textured or layered look that is so cute.

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14. Unique tops

A unique criss-cross tank tops pair well with anything. Having a unique top allows you to mix and match with your more simple pieces. This way you’re still standing out without being over the top.

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15. Pleated leggings and sports bra

I’ve bet you haven’t seen a yoga outfit like this before. This pleated look can give you a more textured look. The fabric is also a great way to keep you cool.

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16. Lose sweats

This kind of reminds me of genie pants but they also look extremely comfortable. Just imagine doing some hot yoga in ones of these. You can pair this was a nice long sports bra of a similar or neutral color. You already have a unique pant, you don’t want to go too crazy with the top as well.

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17. Athletic hoodie with metallic colored leggings

I saw this look at thought it was so cute! The metallic leggings are so in right now and they are toned down well with a neutral-colored hoodie that also looks extremely comfy.

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18. High waisted a-hold leggings with a twist top

I saw this a-hold leggings trend going on and I thought this was such a neat invention. It helps keep your leggings in place and is a great choice for dancers, plus they just look so unique and cute.

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19. Multi-strappy tops with leggings

We’ve all seen these crazy tops with unique backing and straps. You can now pair them with a normal tank top or sports bra to add texture layers. This can be completed with a simple neutral or even brightly colored legging.

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20. Leggings with a matching fleece jacket

You might get a little chilly in your yoga outfit, especially if you are going from the gym to other places throughout your day. This outfit is so comfy and cute!

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Which one of these yoga outfits did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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