10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogis Should Know

Yoga is not as easy as it looks! It takes a lot of energy and stamina to get good at the practice and for some beginners, it may be too much at times! It is a really difficult workout and it takes time to master certain poses and positions! To make things easier, here are 10 yoga hacks that every new yogi should know!

1. Layer Up

Go to class wearing multiple, light layers of clothing. As class begins to warm up (as well as your body) you can gradually strip away the layers so that you do not go from freeing to hot in minutes. This will slowly warm up your body and when you begin to sweat more just keep taking the layers off!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

2. Stay Hydrated

It is superrr important to stay hydrated when practicing yoga! It is also very essential for newbies since it may take some more energy. Drink up on the water in between sessions and poses so that you don’t pass out!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

3. Try It Before Eating

It may seem like it would be difficult, but trying yoga before eating may be a good way to avoid bloating! You can either do yoga before breakfast or have a little snack before if you need the sugar and energy.

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

4. Do Morning Yoga

Try doing yoga early in the morning versus later in the day. It is the time of day where you actually have the most energy even though you may feel tired. After practice I guarantee that you will feel so good and energized for the day!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

5. Keep It Simple

One thing new yogis tend to not keep in mind is keeping their moves simple…at least for now. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself with crazy positions just yet. Keep it simple and do it correctly to actually feel the burn and strength that your body is building!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

6. Use A Foam Roller

Some people do not think about this but a foam roller is super good for stretching and for your back! It relaxed the tension in the muscles so it is a good idea to use this either before or after a yoga sesh. Usually people use this afterwards while they stretch everything else out.

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

7. Stretch Before

Always remember to stretch before and after any workout which includes yoga! Even though it seems like it is not a straining type of workout, it is really important to prep those muscles for the poses you will do. Let’s not pull any muscles or dislocate anything!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

8. Practice

Just like with anything, practice makes perfect. Yogi masters started out as beginners too! Keep practicing the moves that you struggle with and eventually the skills will come naturally!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

9. Try Essential Oils

Trying out diffusers and essential oils during a yoga session can be both relaxing and activating the mind and body! It sounds strange, I know, but many oils are super good for the body when it comes to relaxing. Try scents like eucalyptus, lavender, or tea tree oil!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

10. Strengthen The Core

In yoga, one tends to use the core more than anything else. If you are one of those that really struggles with core strength, a good tip for beginners is to practice strengthening exercises before and after a session. Good exercises include planks and leg lifts!

10 Yoga Hacks All New Yogies Should Know

Yoga is not an easy workout even though it seems super graceful requiring little strength and skill. It is a hard practice but can easily be mastered with a few tricks! What are other yoga hacks that new yogis should know about?


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