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Yes, Using Toys In The Bedroom Can Be Fun For Him Too

Yes, Using Toys In The Bedroom Can Be Fun For Him Too

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A lot of men have reservations when it comes to using toys in the bedroom. You hear excuses like, “You don’t need toys when having me!” or “Are you saying that I’m not enough?” No! Using toys can be adventurous, arousing and extremely sexy. And they’re not just for women. Don’t be shy, boys, they can benefit you too! Here’s a list of reasons why using toys in the bedroom can be fun for men too.

1. You don’t have to worry about fake orgasms.

A lot of women can’t cum through penetration alone and so using toys in the bedroom can be a perfect way to avoid any fake orgasms. Sometimes women just don’t want to hurt your feelings by requesting to use them. Be confident! Be adventurous! Give them a try, you might just love it…she certainly will!

2. It’s fun to experiment and use them on your partner.

No matter who is using what on who, it can be fun just seeing your partner’s reaction to them. Having to do the work can be just as much of a turn on as being the one receiving it. Some people say giving oral arouses them, not just getting it. Well so can using toys in the bedroom! Some people get really into it, that person could be you.

3. Couples’ toys can ensure you both get a happy ending.

Couples’ toys exist. I feel like a lot of people seem to forget that. There aren’t just toys for women, the men can get involved too. Using toys can ensure you both get a happy ending, and possibly a new type of orgasm if you’ve never used toys before. Just think about it, a NEW sense of pleasure…why would you say no?

4. It can lead to more adventurous sex.

Trying toys in the bedroom can lead to other sexual fantasies too. Bondage, role play, once one thing is suggested, you both could start feeling comfortable enough to experiment with other things too. It opens the door to new ideas and new games to play. Once you’re both comfortable, the opportunities are endless!


5. He can have his own set of toys too!

Flesh lights, butt plugs, whatever you fancy. You never know what you might enjoy unless you try it. Using toys in the bedroom isn’t just for women alone, he can start his own collection too. Just work your way up and see what you both enjoy.

6. It spices up foreplay as well as sex.

You don’t just have to use them during sex but to spice up your foreplay too. If you’re worried about ‘regular’ sex becoming non-existent, then use them for foreplay alone and then take them away during sex. Some people think that using toys in the bedroom makes ‘regular’ seem too vanilla and that their partner will become reliant on the toys to orgasm. This isn’t necessarily true, but if you’re concerned, work your way up. Use them for foreplay to get yourselves going. You’ll get used to them eventually once you see how beneficial they are.

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7. Even the female toys can give him pleasure.

Female sex toys can be pleasurable to men too. A few men have stated online how things like cock rings have surprised them and made the experience much more enjoyable. You might actually love the feeling of them, guys. Don’t dismiss them so quickly, they’re great!

8. It can be a huge turn on just to watch let alone to actually use them.

Men, you’ll happily watch a girl use a vibrator on a porn video, so why not watch your partner use one in front of you? Even better, get involved and use it! If a video gets you turned on then surely it only makes sense to want to see a live show!

Using toys in the bedroom can be beneficial to all! Give it a thought, guys. You never know how much you might enjoy something until you give it a try!
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