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10 Would You Rathers: University of Virginia Edition

10 Would You Rathers: University of Virginia Edition

Have your choice of dorms first year or not have to sign leases until second semester

dorm UvaAriel contract

Everyone knows the first year living situation is fateful. Sure, you can pick who you’re living with after than a risky facebook gamble and conversation, but you have practically no say in where you live. It comes down to preferences really— social but no AC or isolated but very new and nice? On the other hand, choosing where you’re going to live within the first two weeks with people you barely even know is just as daunting— almost as your signing your soul away to the fates.

Have unlimited Wahoos at Boylan or unlimited Brunch Punch at Trin

wahoos drinkdrink waterbrunch punch trin

Each with their respectively loyal followings, both of these drinks easily make the top five most iconic drinks on grounds. But which one is the ultimate winner— Wahoos (after the famed fish which can drink up to twice its bodyweight) or Brunch Punch (the best and only way to start your darty day with a bang)?

Have gone to UVA with Tina Fey or Thomas Jefferson

Tina fey actressTJ founding father

These two are living legends— icons in respective ways. However, would you rather be in class with the world renown comedian Tina Fey or be in the mere presence of one of the American Founding Fathers and purest intellectuals, one Thomas Jefferson.


Always be able to find the perfect study spot in Aldy when exams hit or have an endless tab of Grit Coffee


To never search hours for the perfect study spot again, or to never spend five more dollars on a good, strong latte? This question perhaps is one of the closer calls, especially for academically oriented but coffee-addicted fiends.

Live on the Lawn or finding the perfect house on Madbowl


On one hand, there is social recognition for outstanding participation and integration into UVA’s community. On the other, there is the excitement and entertainment of living on UVA’s own little version of Mount Olympus: Madbowl.

Successfully pull off a dutch knock out or leave the depths of Clem before midnight


A last-ditch effort for those who excel at multiple choice, the elusive and famed dutch knockout typically appears in the larger lecture classes at UVA. They have the magical ability to take your failing grade and magically turn it into an A at the end of a semester. However, this will likely only be achieved by spending many late nights in Clem before the final exam. So which will it be? An academic lifeline back to success or an escape from the depths of Clem?


Have been able to go to Easters or have a Trin black card


The infamous bacchanal throw down in Madbowl, or an unlimited one way ticket to Trin 3? A party to last you a lifetime, or the never-ending party thats revived every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday?

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Always be able to get Group 1 for basketball or be able to storm the field when UVA plays UNC


A fast-paced game and an actual chance to win March Madness, or a deeply satisfying win against a deep-seated rival? Who knows, perhaps the win against Miami was a premonition for a win against UNC this weekend!


Fall off a beach at Quad Party or fall down the stairs at Trin

quad partystairs

Either one is going to leave you with bruises, but which one will leave you with the better story? Or, rather, more importantly, the least amount of social humiliation?

Streak the Lawn at the peak of winter as the snow is falling or get clothes lined by the blue ropes mid-streak

winterclothes lined

To be freezing your everything off as you sprint to say goodnight to TJ and pay your respects, or to be running perfectly fine— right until you completely eat it. It all comes down to which is stronger— your resistance to embarrassment or to the elements.