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10 Would You Rathers: University of Southern California Edition

10 Would You Rathers: University of Southern California Edition

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Ah, Would You Rather…..a classic game that many of us grew up playing. Depending on your creativity and sense of humor, Would You Rather can include topics that range from boring and practical to ridiculous and gross. But, here we bring to you Would You Rathers University of Southern California.

Would you rather….

1. Streak down Trousdale or the Row?



2. Hookup on Traveler or on the roof of SGM?


3. Live at New North or Parkside all four years?

4. Eat at EVK once a week and get food poisoning every time or only eat at Café 84 forever…but they never have crêpes?

5. Lose to UCLA every football season or never make it to the Rose Bowl again?


6. Have amazing professors but get bad grades or have horrible professors but get good grades?



7. Only be able to drink prestige and beatbox for the rest of college or never drink again?

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8. Be in a committed relationship with one person all throughout college or only have casual hookups?

9. Date a frat boy or an athlete?


10. Stay at USC forever or never have had the chance to come to USC?….the answer to that one’s obvious!

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