10 Would You Rathers: University Of New Hampshire Edition

Whether you live on campus or just commute for classes, being a part of the UNH community – at least the part in Durham, NH – is, well…let’s call it “interesting”. Between the wacky weather, mix of old, middle-aged, new, and old-but-newly-renovated buildings, and the funky mix of city and small town life, it can be a little crazy. That’s not to say it’s a bad kind of crazy, but certainly not what you expected when you applied. So here’s a list of would you rathers unique to this specific shared experience!

Would You Rather…

1. Walk from the MUB to the Whitt through snow OR Walk from the Gables to Libby’s in October in a short dress and stilettos?

Now this is a difficult decision. Trekking from the MUB to the Whitt through snow is long and tedious. However, you could be wearing three layers of winter ski gear, which would at least make it bearable warmth-wise. On the other hand, it’s only about a ten minute walk tops on a good day – five if you’re running. It’s also on a pretty flat stretch of land, slightly uphill but nothing extremely noticeable unless you’re already tired. The walk from the Gables to Libby’s in October lacks snow, so there’s that. Also, it’s more likely that the prospect of a party atmosphere and alcohol is more exciting than going to the gym or picking up tickets to a game. However, the weather is still pretty chilly that time of year. The walk is also a bit longer and over slightly more hilly terrain. Most importantly, though, as a woman, I have enough difficulty walking from Congreve to the bars downtown in slight heels without feeling like chopping off my feet from the pain halfway there. Stilettos would just be impossible. Some already make this trip, so I know it’s doable for some – I just don’t know how. These are thus both valid, but maybe not recommendable options. Choose wisely.

2. Spend 24 hours studying in Dimond Library OR Spend 24 hours studying in a Single [dorm room]?

Some prefer to study amongst others – or amongst books and human resources to help them with their exams, homework, quizzes, or group projects. The rest prefer to spend their study time in the comfort of their own homes – in this case a single dorm room, where they can avoid distraction by other people and criticism of their studying habits, such as snacking or watching Netflix in the background. This is mainly a matter of, which one works best for you?


3. Eat at Ramone’s OR Eat at Kurt’s?

Although there is a practical, convenience of location aspect to this question, that is not the point here. Ramone’s and Kurt’s are completely different, despite both being food trucks located on the UNH campus. Ramone’s is situated right outside Horton, on the side facing Parsons Hall. It’s open during the day and serves everything from breakfast sandwiches and barbeque pulled pork subs to hot coffee, fruit, and snacks. Kurt’s, the last time I checked, was parked in the Mill Road visitor lot closest to the MUB and only ever at night. As far as I am aware, Kurt’s is only available during weekends, possibly starting on Thirsty Thursday and going through Sunday. The food options here are generally fried and/or involve cheese. There isn’t a wide selection of different types of food, but the way the fried foods are put together with toppings are extremely varied.

4. Spend an evening petting the bouncer’s dog outside the Knot or attend a concert at the Freedom Café?

Everyone knows that petting a dog is one of the happiest and best parts of life. The dog almost always hanging out outside the Knot at night is absolutely sweet. Though I’ve heard that concerts at the Freedom Café are also a lot of fun. So these are both fun choices – enjoy some coffee and budding musicians’ vocals or the softness of a sweet, friendly dog who has nothing better to do.

5. Work at HOCO on a busy night OR Work at the MUB mail room on a slow day?

I can’t imagine that working at any of the dining halls is very fun, but since HOCO is the most used, I would think it would be the worst – especially on a busy night. Then again, a slow day at the mail room is probably stressful too, since you have to sit at the desk in case someone comes by – even if there are hours when nobody shows up. Which is the lesser of two evils? That’s for you to decide.

6. Browse at Town and Campus OR Buy something at Hayden’s?

Town and Campus has a lot – more than any student could ever need, but it’s a great place to get holiday gifts and last minute school supply necessities. They’ll even do your dry-cleaning! Some of the prices can be a little expensive, though. Hayden’s, although called a “sports” shop, has a lot of gift items and clothing, more so than school supplies. Their prices are also high but maybe less so than Town and Campus, but it really depends on what you’re looking to buy.


See Also

7. Attend a NH Gentlemen Concert OR Attend the Homecoming BBQ?

The NH Gentlemen, UNH’s most notorious and oldest acapella group, throw very fun concerts, with a mix of genres. Their signature matching outfits of either suits with ties or UNH sweatshirts are rarely missing and lend another point of interest to attending their performances, despite having to pay for tickets. Attending the Homecoming Barbeque is always fun, too. There are activities and games for kids as well as college students, and food. Lots of really good food. Plus, hanging out with friends and making memories is always a good time.

8. Miss a UNH v. UMaine Hockey game OR Miss a bus to Portsmouth?

Since UMaine is our primary rival, our nemesis if you will, in hockey, missing a game between the two is a huge loss. Even the alumni sections of the Whittemore Center Arena are usually filled during these games. However, a bus to Portsmouth could constitute an important meeting or getting to work on time, so missing one can also be a big deal. Afterall, during our time on campus many of us are unable to afford a car, and therefore must rely on the public transportation available to us.

9. Listen to WUNH radio OR Read a print copy of The New Hampshire?

These are both huge attractions to those on campus and in the community. The radio station hardly ever shuts down and is student run, but it has many shows DJ’d by community members. The New Hampshire, the student run newspaper, is also widely read by students and community. So having to choose one or the other could be a difficult choice, or even choosing which you would prefer to do.

10. Hear the T-Hall clock tower play the Harry Potter theme OR Watch What’s On Wednesday at the MUB?

It’s absolutely wonderful to hear the Harry Potter theme playing in the morning traipsing from Dimond Library to the MUB. As an iconic series of both books and films of this generation’s childhood, which makes it an appropriate and sentimental choice to play over the speakers that can be heard almost anywhere on campus. What’s On Wednesday is a fun and cutesy little diversion put on by the MUB around lunch time. It’s always interesting to see who they will bring in to perform next, whether it be a hypnotist or a musician.

Featured photo source: youtube.com and vacilandoblog.wordpress.com
Gabrielle Lamontagne

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