10 Would You Rathers: Kent State University Edition

Everyone’s favorite game, Kent State University edition!  So I must ask, would you rather?

1. Late night Rosie’s or late night Hungry Howie’s

With Rosie’s comes a whole experience, but are you willing to pass up that flavored crust?

The would you rather game- Kent State University edition!

2. Go to Fresco’s or Graziers?

My everyday debate, do I want a healthy vegan wrap and delicious hummus or do I want an extra cheesy quesadilla with a side of nachos? Well, there is no surprise in what I will be eating tonight, how about you?

3. Walk all the way to Rockwell or get on the wrong PARTA bus?

Well I have unfortunately experienced both and equally are terrible.  Being cold or being stranded ugh what’s worse!

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4. Miss Homecoming or miss Fake Patty’s?

Two of my favorite holidays I must say, you can guarantee I won’t be missing either!

The would you rather game- Kent State University edition!

5. Slip on the esplanade or be forced to participate in Quaker karaoke?

Walk with caution on that ice, especially in front of all those people! But with Karaoke do NOT fall under the peer pressure of your friends to get on that stage and belt your stuff.

6. Lose your Kent state ID or have your most embarrassing moment leaked on Barstool Kent?

I think I would fork over the $25 for a new ID to keep my secrets private!

7. Pay for the Uber or walk to the frats?

Truly a dilemma, my biggest advice would be check the weather!

The would you rather game- Kent State University edition!

8. Pet a black squirrel or get a selfie with Bev Warren?

Both being dream goals for many Kent State students this is one tough decision.

9. Meet your partner for life or get free tuition?

I think I would sacrifice being alone for a free education.  Can love be priced at $120,000?

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10. Get your fake ID taken or be arrested?

Sometimes you can’t always get away with breaking the rules, especially intoxicated!!  I guess the only question is: do you look good in orange?

The would you rather game- Kent State University edition!

What do you think of this Kent State University would you rather? Let us know what you’d do in the comment section below!

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