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10 Would You Rathers for University Of Louisville

10 Would You Rathers for University Of Louisville

Every college has those things that no one wants to deal with. Here are some funny "would you rather" questions for University of Louisville students.

The University of Louisville is a great school that has many opportunities and advantages. DespiteĀ its wonderfulness, however, there are some things about University Of Louisville that, to many of us, seem unbearable. Now it’s time for you to choose between those unbearable things with these 10 “would you rather” questions.

1. Would you rather only be able to eat at the Ville Grill or never eat again?

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2. Would you rather forget an umbrella or your rain boots during one of UofL’s monsoons?Image result for it's raining gif mean girls

3. Would you rather take Chem209 or Bio244?

Image result for science is hard gif

4. Would you rather be in Speed School or die?

Image result for dying gif

5. Would you rather run out of meal swipes or flex?

Image result for broke gif

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6. Would you rather live in Miller or Unitas?

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7. Would you rather have an 8am in Natural Sciences or Ernst?

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8. Would you rather live in Bettie, but be far away from everyone you know, or live in Threlkeld, and be near all of your friends?Image result for don't make me choose gif

9. Would you rather have to deal with the school wifi or pay for your own?

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10. Would you rather be forced to go to the SRC every day or never be able to go again?Image result for i hate working out gif

These are some of the funniest and most relatable “would you rather” questions for students at the University of Louisville. What are your answers? Share in the comments!
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