10 Would You Rathers: UCLA Edition

Sure, we’ve all played “Would You Rather,” but how about “Would You Rather” for students at UCLA? Keep reading for the hardest decisions you will ever have to make with these would you rathers for UCLA.

1. Would you rather have Gene Block be your best friend OR have Gene Block join the UCLA Meme Page?

2. Would you rather have to jump into the Inverted Fountain OR get your backpack stolen while napping in Powell?

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3. Would you rather drop your BruinCard down the elevator shaft OR snap your BruinCard in half?

4. Would you rather give up Cafe 1919’s gelato OR give up De Neve Late Night?



5. Would you rather have to take a class with a 1.0 rating on BruinWalk OR get wait-listed for all of your classes during enrollment?

6. Would you rather have 8 am classes everyday OR have class until 8 pm everyday?

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7. Would you rather be turned away at the door to the U$C vs. UCLA basketball game OR have U$C win the game?

8. Would you rather break a glass in a dining hall OR get caught stealing too many bananas?

9. Would you rather have all stairs be like the stairs by Covel OR have all stairs be like the stairs by Cafe 1919?

10. Would you rather live in Saxon with roommates you don’t like or Hedrick Hall with people you love?

Do you have any more would you rathers for UCLA? Comment below!
Featured photo source: followbarbsbliss.blogspot.com
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