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10 Would You Rathers: SJU Edition

10 Would You Rathers: SJU Edition

We've put together some of the best would you rathers for SJU. If you're an SJU student, you'll definitely be playing this game!

It’s no secret that there are numerous perks and enjoyable things to do on campus here at St. John’s University. But, let’s be honest: there are quite a few “rights of passage” and necessary evils that we have to face as Johnnies. Therefore, I am challenging you, Society19 readers, to a little game of Would You Rather: SJU Style. Here are some of the best would you rathers for SJU. Would you rather…?

1. …Have to walk all of your laundry down to the basement only to find all of the washers unavailable or have to walk up all five floors of Marillac from the basement?

2. …Be stuck in the Starbucks line during rush hour or be forced to sit in the laptop repair line for hours?


3. …Walk all the way to class or commute all the way to school until you realize you left your storm card at home/in your dorm or that you forgot your phone charger?

4. …Be required to take even more core classes in order to graduate or be required to live on campus all four years?

5. …Completely sleep through a class or rush to class only to find out it was canceled without a blackboard announcement?

6. …Find out that you just missed J.Cole on campus or a spot in Angela’s omlette line before it closed for the day?



7. …Work shifts at the bookstore during syllabus week or work at the Dean’s offices during the last day of class withdrawal?

8. …Have a semester class schedule with 7:30’s every single day or night classes (including Friday night’s)?

9. …Have to leave the warmth of your dorm room for food at Monty’s during a snowstorm or have to evacuate the dorm building in your towel at midnight during a fire drill?

10. …Get locked out of your room and pay the public safety fee or get kicked out of Carnesecca Arena for starting a mosh pit on the basketball court (still too soon)?


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Do you have any other would you rathers for SJU? Comment below!
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