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10 Would You Rathers: James Madison University Edition

10 Would You Rathers: James Madison University Edition


Sure, we’ve all played “Would You Rather,” but how about “Would You Rather” for students at JMU? Keep reading for the hardest decisions you will ever have to make with these would you rathers for James Madison University.

1. Get to pet the quad cat before a big test or hug the Duke Dog before the big game?

We all know the quad cat’s mystical powers can help even the most ill-prepared student ace their hardest exams, but would you risk it to get to hug the Duke Dog before the big game in an Insta-worthy shot?

2. Have to pull a walk-of-shame from a dorm or have a fire drill happen in your dorm while you’re still in the shower?

We’ve all had to do the dreaded walk-of-shame with last night’s makeup running down our face and heels in hand. Would you rather relive the nightmare or have to run outside your dorm mid fire-drill with soap still in your hair?



3. Pull an all-nighter in ECL or Carrier?

Talk to any student at JMU and they are either #TeamCarrier or #TeamECL. Which would you rather spend writing that 10-page paper due at midnight in?

4. Only eat JMU food for the rest of your life or only drink Burnetts Vodka for the rest of your life?

JMU is ranked 6th best campus food in the nation, but could you live off Grilled Cheese Thursdays for the rest of your life? Or would you rather drink the cheapest vodka the ABC Store has to offer? Either way, I’m praying for your health.


5. Have 8 A.M.’s every morning or never be able to find parking for your afternoon classes?

8 A.M.’s guarantee you’ll get a parking spot on campus, but at what cost? I’d rather wait and stalk someone to their car/almost get in a road rage incident to get a spot in the parking decks.

6. Live in Eagle with all your friends, but no air conditioning or Wi-Fi or live in Skyline with all its amenities, but with no friends?

Would you rather live in the JMU campus slums and suffer no A.C. or Wi-fi, but make the best friends of your college career? Or would you rather live a life of luxury in Skyline with no friends? Let’s not forget about the dining halls close by either….



7. Go get lunch with President Alger or with Football Coach Mike Houston?

Both are basically JMU’s own celebrity’s, which would you rather have lunch with? Just look at how cute Alger is…..

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8. Spend a warm day out on the quad or go to a snow day drink in Forest?

Laying on the quad is the cure to any bad day. How can you not be happy with the warm sun on you and dogs running around?! Would you trade it for an EPIC snow day with a Forest day drink?


9. Get free Benny’s for a year or free Krispy Kreme for a year?

With the opening of the new drive-thru Krispy Kreme in Harrisonburg, JMU students can’t get enough of it. Benny’s does have pizza slices as big as your head though….

10. Have to run up Godwin stairs or fall down EHall hill?

Legitimately NOTHING is worse than walking up Godwin stairs. Those things are a death trap. Would you rather put on a brave face and sprint it out, or take a tumble down the EHall hill near their gravel parking lot?


What are your favorite would you rathers for James Madison University? Comment below!
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