10 Would You Rathers: George Washington University Edition

We all know there are some amazing things about this school… and then some not-so-amazing ones. What if it wasn’t possible to have it all? With these would you rathers for George Washington University, you have to choose. Here it is, the unofficial, official “Would you rather” of GW.

Would you rather…

Have perfectly timed classes but they’re all on the Vern?
Or, have only Foggy classes, but they’re all 8 AM and 6 PM?

Would you rather…

Never eat Deli again?
Or never eat Gallery again?

On the flip side, would you rather…

Only eat Deli while you’re at GW?
Or only eat Gallery?

Would you rather…

Get stuck behind Obama’s motorcade for an hour?
Or get stuck behind President Trump’s for ten minutes?

Would you rather…

Travel everywhere by the Vex?
Or, travel in President Knapp’s blue Prius, but always with Knapp?

Would you rather…

Live in Thurston for four years?
Or live in West for four years?

Basically, does location or quality matter more?

Would you rather…

Never go to any political events again?
Or go to every on-campus meeting for the political affiliation you are NOT?

Would you rather…

 Never be able to study in Gelman again?
Or only do your studying in Gelman?

Kind of a lose-lose situation, to be honest.

Would you rather…

 Only be able to go to the Lincoln?
Or go to every monument except Lincoln?

And finally, would you rather…

 Go bar hopping with Peter K?
Or go bar hopping with President Knapp?

Either way, it would definitely make for the best #OnlyAtGW moment.

Can you think of any more would you rathers for George Washington University? Comment below!
Featured photo source: indiatimes.com
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Emily Milakovic

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