Would You Rather: Ohio State University Edition

Would you rather go to the best university known to man or suffer knowing you’re not a Buckeye! There are many OSU classics, good or bad, but are you able to weigh your options and come out on top? We’re challenging you to a round of Would You Rathers: Ohio State University Edition. Take your pick, but choose wisely, because all Buckeyes know the struggles and perks of campus life!

1. Would you rather have no friends in your classes or never be able to pet a dog on the oval ever again?

Human friends or furry friends (there is a right answer.)

Would You Rather: Ohio State University Edition

2. Would you rather leave your room naked or wearing maize and blue?

I would not want to be caught dead wearing that hideous combo.

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3. Would you rather get your fake confiscated or go to Bulls before 10?

Either way, you’re losing…big time.

Would You Rather: Ohio State University Edition

4. Would you rather be stuck in a line at Scott for 25 minutes or have no wait at Morrill Traditions?

Scott will ALWAYS be worth the wait. Morrill…I can’t say the same. I do not care how hungry I am – Morrill will never be the move.

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5. Would you rather be woken up by the sweet sounds of campus construction or the ever-popular bag pipe guy?

You’re bound to be woken up by one or the other – what’s your pick?

Would You Rather: Ohio State University Edition

6. Would you rather room with a psychopath in Park-Strad or with your best friend in Morrill?

You and your best friend could live it up in Jeffrey Dahmer’s old room, but you could also live in a dorm that was built after the 16th century that doesn’t feature mold and 80’s furniture. Are you willing to risk your safety if it means no asbestos and mysterious smells?

7. Would you rather have a lifetime supply of Buckeye Donuts or be able to consistently connect to the OSU wifi?

Donuts versus wifi: it’s a pair you would think you would never have to compare. It’s a miracle to be able to connect to OSU wifi consistently, but Buckeye Donuts are also a Godsend.

Would You Rather: Ohio State University Edition

8. Would you rather be able to get into any party you want or be able to find free parking at any time and any place?

It’s a tough call. You could waste less time frat hopping around like a freshman, but you could also avoid missing your class after looking for hours for a parking spot. Choose wisely.

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9. Would you rather be hit by a Lime scooter or a COTA bus?

Which one will cover my tuition?

Would You Rather: Ohio State University Edition

10. Would you rather have an 8am on a Friday morning or attend the school up north?

Thirsty Thursday might make it impossible to get up on a Friday morning, but what’s worse? Waking up with a nasty hangover or waking up knowing you ACTUALLY attend the University of Michigan?

What did you choose? Can you think of any other would you rather questions? Comment your picks down below!
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