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10 Would You Rathers: Cal Poly SLO Edition

10 Would You Rathers: Cal Poly SLO Edition

Cal Poly students... you know you are obsessed with this game, would you rather! Here are 10 would you rather scenarios SLO edition.

If you’re a student at Cal Poly, you know that there are countless reasons to love it endlessly. Simultaneously, you also know it has its flaws that you accept and move on from. “Would-You-Rather” is a classic, entertaining game and this Cal Poly version makes you compare all the different aspects of your all-time favorite school.

1. Would you rather only be able to eat at Metro or never eat again?



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2. Would you rather get to cut the Starbucks line every day or always get your favorite table in the lib (oh yes, even during finals)?


3. Would you rather lose to UCSB’s soccer team but nail every one of their team members with a tortilla or beat UCSB by a landslide but have tortillas permanently banned from all soccer games forever?

4. Would you rather have a lifetime supply of Firestone trip-tip sandwiches or High Street Deli sandwiches?

5. Would you rather be reminded “25-35” three times a day or never be able to make a “learn by doing” joke again?

6. Would you rather have plus dollars all four (or five) years at Cal Poly or have a Chipotle on campus (but no plus dollar luxury. Ever.)?

7. Would you rather do a Bishop’s sunrise hike just for it to be completely cloudy or hike Madonna during Winter Quarter just for the lights at the top to be broken?

8. Would you rather have perfectly chiseled Cal Poly Calves or only gain a Freshman 5?

9. Would you rather be a WOWie given the WOW shirts of both your WOW leaders or be a WOW leader who gives his/her shirt to a WOWie?

10. Would you rather go to Farmer’s, not allowed to buy food, or go to The Graduate, not allowed to dance (you have to stand in the corner, although you may occasionally snap your fingers to the music)?

Cal Poly students, got any other would you rather scenarios only we’d understand? Comment below!
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