10 Worst Things About Living In The Dorms

YAY!! Finally it’s move in day! Everything is so clean and new. Sharing an 8′ by 11′ shoebox has never seemed soooo exciting! Nothing can phase you! (Except maybe these 10 facts about living in the dorms) But don’t let it get to you, this is where you create the best memories.

1. Not so Thirsty Thursdays

When it’s Thirsty Thursday and you’re just trying to turn up with your squad and your neighbor decides 9pm is too late and calls the RA on you.

2. Bathrooms

But you went out anyways, and drank a little bit too much and need the bathroom all to yourself but you have communal bathrooms.

3. Slumber Party?

When you bring a boy back to your room only to find out your roommate already has a boy over.

4. The laundry

Walking down three flights of stairs to do your laundry when you realize the pants you’re wearing are dirty so you quickly take them off and run back to your room. Or you realize all the washers are taken so you put your dirty pants back on and wait 30 minutes for someone to come get their laundry.


Everywhere you look. In the shower. In your closet. In your bed. They are everywhere. Do not be alarmed when you’re about to spit your mouthwash in the sink and see a giant cockroach.

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6. Mac n’ cheese PLS

Living off of Easy Mac and popcorn because walking 2 steps to the dining hall is just too much.

7. Fire drills

It’s 3am and you find yourself standing out in the freezing cold because of the fire drill you thought was real.

8. Taking out the trash

Sounds easier said than done, but walking across the building and down the stairs turns into the greatest trek you’ve ever done…especially when you procrastinate for an extra couple of days and the trash bag breaks mid trip.

9.  Never being comfortable

It is one thing to be living in an 8’ by 11’ room, but in the fall when its humid and sticky, good luck trying to cool down. Might as well start investing in FANS (plural) now. Don’t think it’ll end in the winter either, they crank that heat up like it’s nobody’s business.

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10. Bathroom cleaning

When you’re late to your 10am and the bathroom is closed for cleaning so you have to limbo under the sign taped across the door just to get your toothbrush.

Have any other complaints about living in the dorms? Let us know in the comments below!
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