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Worst Study Habits For Any Incoming Freshmen Student

Worst Study Habits For Any Incoming Freshmen Student

Bad study habits are terrible for any college student because they often lead to a lousy exam grade. Unfortunately, freshmen students have the worst of them. From staying up all night to rushing through their homework, it’s easy for freshmen students to fail a test because they took the wrong route when studying. Here are some of the worst study habits for any incoming freshmen student. Who knows, maybe looking at these you’ll eventually learn to avoid them.

1. Staying Up All Night

Worst study habits usually involve not doing homework when immediately when coming home from school and just wasting time doing other things instead. Procrastination often leads to the freshmen student having to stay up all night to study for a test. What comes after is the freshmen student feeling extremely tired the next day. If you’re not a big fan of coffee, then staying up all night to finish up with your studying may not be the best strategy.

First of all, it messes up your sleeping habits, second you’re risking failing the exam, and third, it’s just not good for your overall health. When you come home, ‘immediately go towards studying and then watch television afterward.


2. Studying Alone 

While it’s easy and perhaps less stressful to study by yourself, studying with a partner allows the two of you to share information and fill in any holes you might have after class. Plus, you’ll be able to quiz each other before the big exam. It’s one of the most underrated study habits out there, but studying with a partner can boost your chances of getting a good grade on the next exam. The two of you can talk strategy and which subjects are the hardest to understand. Maybe the two of you can set up a meeting your professor and the three of you can study together, which brings me to my next point.

3. Not Meeting Up With Your Professor 

Your professor is there to help you. Help! Don’t let him or her in the dark. If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about the exam, try to contact your professor about any concerns you have and set up a study meeting. Nobody knows what the exam will entail more than your professor, so utilize his knowledge. Also, if your professor suggests any study strategies to you, then take it to heart.


Remember, he too was in your shoes once. He had to study for countless exams until he got to the place that he is now. Not setting up some meeting is one of the worst study habits any freshmen can have because it’s so obvious.

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4. Rushing Through Your Homework 

My god, does this hurt any freshmen student’s chances to overcome the dreaded final exam. Rushing through your homework is like rushing through a big bowl of vanilla-flavored ice-cream. You don’t do it. Take the time to study, that’s all there is to it. Whether it’s with a friend, a family member, or the professor, take the time to review.

Don’t just rush through for it for the sake of the next episode of a Netflix show. Give yourself a good hour and a half to fill in the gaps and understand the material. Trust me; you’ll be better for it.

5. Not Using Flashcards 

As freshmen college students, it’s easy not to utilize one of the oldest study habits ever. Flashcards are useful for memorizing words and definitions. Plus, if there’s a concept you find tough to understand, try linking it to something that you do understand. Perhaps you should use flashcards as a way to make the idea less complicated by connecting it to a big bowl of vanilla ice cream. I don’t know why that’s just stuck inside my head; I guess I have a taste for it right now.


Which of these worst study habits do you sometimes find yourself doing? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time. 

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