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The Top 5 Worst First Date Ideas

There is nothing more dreadful than a worst first date. First dates are already usually awkward, to begin with, so going on a bad first date would be a horror. We want this to be memorable for you and your possible future spouse. If you’re nervous trying to avoid taking someone out someplace where you are almost destined to experience a flop, here are the top five worst date ideas that you want to stay clear of.

1. Group Hangouts

I know it’s sometimes encouraged to go on a date in a group setting in case you need some backup from your friends, but when it’s the first date, you want the opportunity to spend some one on one time with the person you are pursuing. Sure looking back to your pals for support to make sure you don’t completely embarrass yourself is reassuring but sometimes not necessary. So please save the “group hangout dates” for your third or fourth, otherwise, either of you might not have the best time, resulting in a worst first date.

2. Going To A Destination That Is Over An Hour Away

Yes, it may be cute if the guy wants to take you to this restaurant where the food is really good, but the travel time is long. In this case, it’s best to stay local because keep in mind, this is your first date after all. How well do you even know this guy to be making a far trip commitment with him? If it turns out the date isn’t going so great, there is no quick escape. If you road with him there, you’ll have plenty of time for awkward silence on the car ride back.

Sure, you can also Uber or Lyft home, but is that affordable? You can also drive yourself to the destination, which is probably the safest option but not the most ideal. If you have to drive by yourself to a date with someone you barely know can just be aggravating. Trust me, try to keep local. At least till you figure out that you like the guy enough for a second.

3.  Concert

Concerts can be an amazing date idea! Just not for your first one. It can easily be the worst first date idea because of the simple lack of communication. You don’t know this person, so how are you going to find out all about his favorites while Maroon 5 is tuning him out? Besides, if you’re at a concert, YOU WANT TO ENJOY THE SHOW! The last thing you’d want is to not get your money worth or miss out on this experience. Save this for when you actually know the person better.

4. Netflix And Chill-out

I can’t stress this enough. Netflix and Chill is almost the worst first date experience, mostly because it is almost never considered a first date to begin with. If someone wants you to come over to watch a movie, we all know it’s code for hooking up. Maybe 1% of people will actually respect your attention to watching the movie but for the most part, its universal knowledge that it’s more for the physical aspect. And if you want a future relationship with someone, it’s kind of hard when you are doing more kissing than talking.

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5. Going To The Movies

This is, in my opinion, the worst first date experience because it just screams awkwardness. I do not know you, I agreed to go on this date with you to get to know you. I do not want to sit in a dark theater and allow you to put your arm around me. Now I need to worry about if you’re expecting a kiss, but I don’t want to kiss you because I don’t know you. If I kiss you it might give you the indication that I’ll go out with you again once you drop me off at home.

But I don’t know the first thing about you, we didn’t talk, why would I want to go out with you again. WHERE IS THE COMMUNICATION?! Going to the movies is extreme lack of communication and yet it’s old school to cuddle up with someone. But if you’re uncomfortable, you do not have to lean your head on his shoulder. You don’t owe him anything and if you feel down for a second date, tell him you’d prefer a place where you guys can talk next time.

Have you experienced any of these worst first date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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