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Top 5 Worst First Date Ideas

Top 5 Worst First Date Ideas

Everyone’s always excited for a first date! You met this person you vibe with, and here’s your chance to make a great first impression (actually meeting does not count) and get to know them better.

First dates are where a potential relationship comes into reality, or where both parties find out they actually have nothing in common and end it right then and there. That being said, here are five ideas NOT to bring up when discussing what to do for a first date.

1. The Movies

Honestly, I’m not sure why going to the movies was ever seen as a good first date idea. Hint; it isn’t! The point of a first date is to get to know your date more, communicate, and see what their interests/hobbies really are. Going to the movies on the first date is quite literally the worst thing you can do, as it does does absolutely none of the above.


Watching a movie not only teaches you nothing about your date, you two are most likely not comfortable with being physical with each other yet, so cuddling would not even be an option. Don’t get me wrong, going to the movies in general is a decent idea, but save this for at least date 4 or 5.

5 First Date Ideas That Will Completely Ruin Your Chances At A Second One

2. Clubbing

If you were thinking of doing this for a first date, you’re lucky I stopped you.  You’re literally setting yourself up for disaster with this idea, ESPECIALLY if you two met in a club. Merely suggesting this as a first date leaves the impression that the club is your whole life, which isn’t good for several reasons that I don’t have to explain.


A club is super loud and it won’t help your case of getting to know this person. Also, someone is either going to drink to even make clubbing fun in the first place (a first date involving probably lots of drinking isn’t a setup for success), or it’s going to be boring and awkward because two sober people that aren’t comfortable with each other went clubbing. Just, no.

5 First Date Ideas That Will Completely Ruin Your Chances At A Second One

3. Exercise Class

Unless your date told you they’re a gym fanatic when you two first met, this is as bad an idea as any. Like I mentioned earlier, being able to communicate freely is extremely important for a first date (this cannot be stressed enough), but that’s not the only reason why such an idea is bad.


The last thing you want to do is make your date feel physically unfit/unhealthy (thereby decreasing their self esteem), and even though this may not be your intention, this is exactly how an exercise class would be perceived by your date.

4. Activity Involving Friends/Family

You want a first date to be between just the two of you, personal and intimate. What you certainly don’t want to do is invite your date to a family event or bowling with your friends, or anything of that sort. All this is going to do is leave the impression that you need friend/family approval of your date from the get go.

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While this might not seem like such a bad idea, it just does not work this way in the real world. Your date meeting and interacting with your friends and family just sets up these expectations that they will use to subconsciously judge said date, and if him/her don’t meet those standards, the third party will make it known. Considering this would be a first date, there is almost no possible way this can end in a good way.

5 First Date Ideas That Will Completely Ruin Your Chances At A Second One

5. Make It A Surprise And Get Him/Her A Gift

Like all the other date ideas mentioned above, this might be a good idea later on in your relationship, but for a first date, it’s just a no go. You want a first date to be authentic and show the real you, without creating a persona that comes with unrealistic expectations from your potential partner (such as them getting gifts every time, etc). This is the exact same reason why going on a fancy dinner for the first date is not in your best interest.

It might be sweet on paper that you made a conscious effort to find the activities your date likes and make that a surprise, but nine out of ten times, it’s just not what to do for a first date. You want to understand and get to know your date, without letting everything during the first date revolve around them (if you start off like this, the entire relationship will probably revolve completely around your partner, and you will most likely be in misery). 

5 First Date Ideas That Will Completely Ruin Your Chances At A Second One

So, there are our 5 worst first date ideas! If you have any ideas that are worse for an opening first date, let us know in the comments!

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