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The Top 5 Worst Dorms At The University Of Arkansas

The Top 5 Worst Dorms At The University Of Arkansas

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Most schools have dorms that they wished never existed. At the University of Arkansas there isn’t one dorm that is just THAT horrible, but there are some that can make it on the worst dorm list for one reason or another. Keep reading for the top 5 worst dorms at The University of Arkansas!

1. Pomfret

As far as the worst dorms at The University of Arkansas goes, every hog can unanimously agree that Pomfret Hall is the worst one at the university. Although this dorm comes equipped with its own cafeteria and even two bus stops right outside of it, neither of those things make up for the fact that it sits at the bottom of one of the hugest hills the university has. Also, this dorm has three different wings but only one elevator. To make up for the inconvenience of the location, this is one of the easiest halls at the university to make friendships that can last forever.

2. Gladson Ripley/Buchanan Droke

These dorms at The University of Arkansas sit halfway between that horrendous hill that leads down to Pomfret Hall and hold no elevators instead of just one. Besides the fact that these dorms are both all girls or all boys, the interior is old and there are no study areas. Because of how old these dorms are, they come with the usual problems of old dorms like frequent leaks and more. The dorm had frequent visits from a variety of bugs like grasshoppers and is in total: nasty. To give this dorm credit, it was very easy to make friendships and it was very open and friendly dorms.


3. Cleveland Commons (Maple Hills)

Now, I know with these dorms being newly built in 2006 that there is no way that this dorm can be on the list. Well it is and here is why. Although this dorm is basically surrounded by it’s on little food court, it doesn’t combat the fact that it’s 10 minutes away from campus. Meaning you have to wake up 20 minutes early than the average person, and no one wants to do that. There are apartments closer. This dorm is also one of the most impersonal dorms on campus.

Maple dorms are like mini apartments minus the stove and dishwasher. Meaning the chances of making friendships are made harder if you don’t come in already knowing people who know people. But boy is it beautiful and its way easier to get away with stuff in these dorms because there is way more privacy and once you have friends in these dorms, it takes off from there.



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4. Futrall

If you love somewhere quiet Futrall is the place for you. Futrall is on this list because it is one of the more forgotten dorms on campus. It’s like 24 hour quiet hours in that dorm. Besides it being right by the bookstore, it too is a little bit away from campus. It’s an older dorm meaning everything in it is small and has problems. No one knows too much about this dorm but I do know that most of the people who lived in that dorm never stayed in that dorm for any longer than necessary.


5. Gregson/Gibson

Out of all the dorms on this list, Gregson/Gibson has the best locations. At the center of campus this dorm seems like the ideal dorm. Besides the fact that it is an upperclassmen dorm, has a great location, and a beautiful interior. This dorm has a slight bug problem which automatically puts it on this list. We don’t do bugs. Other than the slight bug problem and it too being old like the rest of them and having regular old dorm problems. A lot of people who live in this dorm come into this dorm knowing a lot of people who live there making this dorm not so bad.

BUT! At the end of the day the University of Arkansas has THE best dorms out of all the colleges in Arkansas and that is #facts.

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