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Worst College Eating Habits For Freshmen Students

Worst College Eating Habits For Freshmen Students

Worst College Eating Habits For Freshmen Students

College eating habits for freshmen students have been a real topic of debate for quite a while now. What many freshmen students don’t know is that eating healthy actually improves performance during school. For this reason, I want to point out some of the worst eating habits freshmen students are often guilty of.

1. Too much fast food

One of the worst college eating habits for freshmen students is the over consumption of fast food. With many universities today having fast food as part of their food court menu, it’s no wonder why so many freshmen gain about 1.1kg in their first few months in college. The accessibility of these types of foods, adding to the new found independence of having to pay for their own food makes unhealthy foods like McDonalds a tempting and inexpensive item.

Worst College Eating Habits For Freshmen Students

2. Overconsumption of Alcohol

According to the average student consumes about 30.7% more alcohol while  in college. In sororities especially, binge drinking has become a health concern. Excessive amounts of alcohol raises a person’s blood concentration to 0.08 or more according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism(NIAAA). This amount of drinking can lead to problems with memory, attempted suicide and driving while drunk.

3.  Skipping breakfast

Breakfast skipping can lead to overconsumption later on. Perhaps one of the most serious college eating habits when it comes to mood, breakfast skipping has become quite common with freshmen students. Those who take more than 4 classes a semester can attest to how difficult it is to keep up with a balance diet. The substitute for breakfast is often coffee but without something to fill the stomach the student’s mood and energy suffers greatly, leading them to eat more foods with low nutritional value.

Worst College Eating Habits For Freshmen Students

4. Buying from the vending machine

Buying snacks from vending machines often occurs between classes on campus. Studies have shown that vending machine sales are a result of time, taste and price. Nutritional value and a concern for their own health is thrown out of the window. Most students want a snack to take with them while heading to their next class. However, the accessibility of these vending machines makes vending buying one of the worst college eating habits out there, because the fault lays specifically on the university.

5. Eating too much ramen

Because ramen noodles are inexpensive and easy to prepare, many freshmen students tend to purchase these as a quick substitute for a whole meal. However, according to while ramen is low in calories they also lack in key nutrients. Protein, fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and potassium are all non-existent in a pack of ramen. What’s also concerning is ramen has a high concentration of sodium. Over consumptions of sodium has been linked to an increase risk of stomach cancer, heart disease and stroke.

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6. Eating late at night

This happens regularly on a typical night before an exam. Student stresses about the test, they end up staying all night studying and finally they reach inside the pantry for a bag or two of Doritos. Perhaps one of the least known college eating habits out there, late night eating has often been linked to increase blood sugar levels and heart disease. Ironically, even though a student studies all night for a exam, eating all night will have negative consequences regarding their ability to memorize certain facts.

7. Coffee overload

Coffee’s great for those mornings when you just can’t wake up even though you’re standing, but too much of it can cause a spike in anxiety and agitation. For all the freshmen students out there now, coffee’s not your only friend, remember that.

Worst College Eating Habits For Freshmen Students

Have you ever fell victim to eating too much sugar at night while studying for a college exam? Comment below and be sure to share this. Until next time.

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