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10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

Need some workouts ideas that don’t require a gym? We all know the mental, physical and emotional benefits of exercising. With all the craziness that is surrounding the world today, working out can help you stay healthy, happy, and sane. However, gyms are currently closed and not all of us have the equipment at home to do a workout that we usually want or at least try to do. Not to worry, we have some workouts that you don’t need a gym to do.

1. Squats

Squats are a great go-to exercise to add to your workouts because you can add several different techniques. Start by standing hip-width distance apart. You can ball your fists and hold them near your chest or whatever is comfortable and helps you keep your balance. Bend at the knees so they come to a 90-degree angle, hold for a second and then come back up. Some different things to add to your squat can be, you can do a simple squat, come up and add a leg raise to the side or behind you. You can also squat jump where you can do a squat and come up and do a jump. Another squat exercise to try is doing a squat and as you are coming up to stand jump on a large block. Carefully step off the block and repeat about 20-30 times. You can always look up different squats adaptations to try and start toning those glutes and thighs.

10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

2. Spider-crawl to push-up

The upper body is hard to work out without weights, but you can go back to doing basic push-ups and add some extras to really work those muscles. For this exercise, start by standing with your arms overhead. Jump up and when you come down, bend and reach for your toes. Set your hands on the floor and begin crawling forward until you are in a plank position. Do a regular push-up and then start to crawl back to your feet and stretch your arms back up and repeat. Do this about 10-15 times. This gets your heart rate up, activates your core, as well as works your arm muscles.

10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

3. Sit-ups with a twist

Regular crunches or sit-ups can be hard on your neck and shoulders. This exercise is a great way to keep the focus on your abs. First, lie down on your back with your legs up in the air. Take both your hands and reach for your feet (remember to use only your abs to help lift you up). Before coming back down, take your hands and reach and touch the floor on either side of your hips then lay back down. Keep in mind your feet should be in the air the entire time and your legs as straight as possible. Repeat about 20-30 times.

4. Running boxer

If you can’t get outside to do some cardio, some simple repetitive aerobic movements can get your heart-rate up. For this exercise, start by doing fast high knees in place, then start punching the air in a rapid motion like a boxer. Do this for 30-60 seconds. Believe it or not, you might even start to break into a sweat!

10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

5. Clamshells with a kick

Any exercise that involves laying on the ground is a good one. Lie down on your side and prop yourself up using your elbow. Make sure your legs are stacked and come to a bend at the knee. Lift the top leg up while it’s still bent. This will look like the opening of a clamshell. Then, straighten and extend the top leg out like you are kicking the air. Bring the leg back to a bend, like the open clamshell. Then, set the leg back on top of the bottom leg like you’re closing a clamshell. Do each side about 15-20 times. You should feel these in your glutes.

6. Forearm bend with toe touches

Come to all fours facing upward (like you’re about to do a crab walk). Bend at the elbows to do a tricep-dip, and as you come up, use one hand to touch the opposite foot. Come back to all fours and repeat but alternating each hand each time. Try this about 15 times. This requires good balance but really works your arm and core muscles.

7. Simple arm raises

This is a great core and arm strength exercise that is simple but effective. Start in a plant position like you’re about to do a push-up. Raise one arm to the sky and set it back down. Do the same with the other arm and repeat this about 15-20 times. Try to keep your hips down during the arm raises!

10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

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8. Lunges with leg raise

Lunges are great for the thighs and when you add a leg-raise, you can work the glutes too. Start by placing one leg forward (a lot or a little depending on how hard you want the exercise to be). Bend at the knee so it is at a 90-degree angle and come back up bringing the leg side-by-side the one another. With the same leg you step with, bring it back behind you and raise it up as far as you can. You can hold on to a wall or railing to keep yourself balanced. Do this about 15-20 times and then switch legs. There are many variations of lunges and also many tools that can accompany them such as stairs, chairs, elastic bands. You can always look up some of these online and find ones that work the best for you.

10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

9. Stair steppers

This exercise is great if you have access to steps in your home or you can do this with a chair as well First, step up with one foot then, come back down and alternating each leg. Do this about 15-20 times. You can go really fast with your steps, try skipping a stair or two to make the step harder or add a leg raise between each step.

10. Crisscross touch

Bodyweight exercises paired with aerobic movement make them feel easier to do. This exercise starts by placing one leg in front of the other and jumping up and coming down with the opposite leg in front (like a scissor motion). Do this rapidly about four times. On the fifth jump, come down with your feet a little wider than hip-width distance apart. Do a squat and touch the floor with one or both hands. Jump back up and repeat the process again over again. Do this about 15- 20 times. This gets the heart-rate up and works the thighs and glutes.

Don’t let your lack of access to a gym stop you from becoming a healthier you. Which one of these was your favorite exercises to try? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym To Do

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