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10 Workouts To Enhance Your Booty

10 Workouts To Enhance Your Booty

We all want to enhance our booty just a little bit. Working out can be challenging. After a long day of work, all you want to do is curl up into bed and call it a day. And when the weekend hits? Nobody wants to go to the gym for 1-2 hours and waste a beautiful Saturday. You can forget about Sunday too. Then just like that, it’s Monday and the workweek begins again. 

I can say that I too have been caught in this cycle. There are times when working out is my main priority and then there are other times when it’s a drag and the last thing on my mind. But I can say that doing a booty workout every once and a while is something I find myself doing. 

I’m not saying these workouts will give you a Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj butt, but they do help to make it just a little perkier. If you want to enhance your booty, you’ve come to the right place. There are tons of different butt workouts out there—however, these 10 are easy to do. 


10 Workouts To Enhance Your Booty

You don’t even have to do them at the gym which is the nice part. If you have some weights or booty bands at home, you’re good to go. They are simple and if you do them consistently, I’m sure you will see a difference. The thing about this is, it doesn’t happen over night. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t see results instantly. And remember that working out isn’t the only thing you need to do. It’s important to eat a healthy and well-rounded diet. Consuming lots of veggies, protein and water are all healthy habits. 

So if you want to enhance your booty, or maybe you already have a great butt but are still looking for some improvement, these workouts are for you. These 10 booty workouts will now become a part of your daily routine. Get ready to sculpt those glutes!


1. Jump Squats 

If you want to feel the burn, these are for you. This also works great if you’re holding a medicine ball. If you are a beginner, feel free to omit that until you’re ready. Start in a squat position then jump into the air bringing your legs together and your arms above your head. You can tap the floor after each jump or if you’re holding a medicine ball, bring it above your head. It really gets your heart rate up and you’ll feel sore in the morning—trust me. 

2. Glute Bridge

This exercise is nice because it isn’t as strenuous, but you definitely feel it working. Lay flat on your back with your feet on the ground. Lift your butt and hips as high to the ceiling as you possibly can and continue to repeat the motion for however many reps. Don’t let your butt come back to the ground. This can also be done with one leg raised in the air but it’s more difficult. 


3. Fire Hydrants 

This is a Kimmy K move. Place your knee and hands on the group and position yourself in an all fours position. Next, you’re going to want to lift one leg outward to the side, like a dog would if he were peeing on a fire hydrant. I know it sounds silly but it really works. Do a set then switch over to the other leg. 

4. Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are just fun because the name is cute. You want to get into a squat position but instead of your legs being in line with your shoulders, separate them a little further so you’re legs are further out. Then you simply do a basic squat. You want to make sure your back is straight and you aren’t bending your knees over your feet. If you want, you can hold a medicine ball or just a weight to give this workout a little more depth. 


5. Leg Lifts

These are kind of like the fire hydrants but you feel them a little bit more in your lower butt. Once again, start on all fours. You’re going to want to start with one leg and simply raise your leg, at a 90-degree angle, toward the ceiling. Raise as high as you can and continue to repeat this motion for however many reps you can handle. 

6. Pulsed Squats 

These are one of my favorites. Start with your legs together and do a partial squat three times, kind of like pulsing. Before you finish, open your legs into a normal squat position which is shoulder width apart and do another partial squat three times in the same pulsing kind of way. You’ll get into the rhythm of this and it will become natural to do. 

10 Workouts To Enhance Your Booty

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7. Leg Dips

This booty enhancing workout requires a chair of some sort. You’re going to want to put a chair behind you and place your foot on it from behind. With your one foot on the ground balancing you, dip down and come back up to make a squat like motion. Repeat for however many times you can do them. They seem easy but after a while start to burn. Switch your leg after so many reps and repeat. 


8. Booty Band Walk

Booty bands are great to have around the house because you want to use them for a lot of workouts. Take your band and wrap it either around your ankles or around your thighs. You’re going to want to go into a squat-like position and stay there during this. Walk side to side, with the band wrapped around your legs and repeat back and forth. This really works out your butt but also your legs. You’re basically doing a side-by-side step. 

9. Booty Band Lunge 

This is another great one. For this, you’re going to wrap the band around your thighs. This is basically like doing a curtsy. You’re going to take one leg and place it diagonally behind you while lowering your knee almost to the ground. Like I said, imagine you are doing a curtsy but a little more dramatic. The booty band allows a little bit more resistance which is nice for pushing yourself. 


10. Leg Lift 

These can catch up to you. They might seem easy but after doing a ton of reps on each leg, then repeating 3-4 times, it can become difficult. But a good difficult. Lay on your side, holding yourself up with your arm. With your legs straight, lift up one to the ceiling while keeping your other leg on the floor. You’re going to want to make sure your leg stays as straight as possible. 

10 Workouts To Enhance Your Booty

These exercises are great if you want to enhance your booty. If you start to incorporate them into your daily routine, you’re going to see some results. Leave a comment telling us which booty workout is your favorite and what workouts you love to do.

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