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10 Workouts That Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy

10 Workouts That Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy

The feeling of a successful workout can hardly be compared to anything else out there. Doesn’t feel amazing knowing that you just absolutely killed it?! One of the best indicators of a successful workout is, you guessed it, sweat! Whether you like to workout in the morning, during your lunch break, or after work you are looking to get the best results out of it. It is important to push yourself but also know your limits. And of course, don’t forget to hydrate! If you are looking for killer workouts that will exhaust you and get your heart rate pumping here are 10 workouts that will make you sweat like crazy!

1. The Sweat Set 

Click on the title to discover some of the hottest Zumba workout moves. Zumba is an exercise that combines fitness and dancing. It is a great way to get your cardio in and target various muscle groups all at once. It is a total body exercise! It is also great for strengthening your core and improve your flexibility. Click on the title to watch the top 10 Zumba workouts that will make you sweat like crazy by the Fitness Marshall.

2. 10 Minute Calorie Burn

This is a great way to get your quick workout in and get going with your day! The great thing about this workout is that it doesn’t involve any equipment! It involves jump squats, side plank, plank jumps, plank jacks, toe touches, and bicycle crunches. Another great thing about this workout is the fact that it hits a lot of muscle groups all at once. Click on the title to watch the video and start sweating like crazy!


10 Workouts That Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy

3. Quick Sweat / Cardio beat 

This workout involves good stretches and incorporates dance moves! This workout is meant to be done at home which is perfect considering the current timing. Cardio can improve your cardiovascular health, help regulate blood sugar, reduce chronic pain, and even help with sleeping! Check out the video by clicking on the title!

4. 30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio & HIIT Workout 

Get your yoga mat out and be ready to sweat for 30 minutes with this amazing workout! This workout includes three circuits that are going to get your heart rate up and burn those calories! High-intensity interval training include short workouts that include rest periods. HIIT workouts can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, speed up your metabolism, help you lose fat, help you gain muscle, and improve oxygen consumption. This specific workout includes all types of squats, crunches, lunges, and planks! Click on the title and be ready to kill this workout #beastmode.


5. 10-Minute Tabata Workout to Sweat Away Stress

Tabata is a type of HIIT workout that gets your heart rate pumping and burns calories quickly. Each move is followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. The great thing is about this workout is that it is super quick and therefore can be done in the middle of your day. Check out this amazing workout by clicking on the title. Get familiar with Tabata and its benefits.

6. 10 Minute Standing ABS WORKOUT // No Equipment

Since the workout doe snot includes any equipment you can do it at home alone or with your bestie/ S.O. There is no sitting or laying down in this killer workout so be prepared to get your butt kicked! It involves oblique twists, pike kicks, side bends, high knees, and sidekicks! Click on the link provided in the title to get your abs workout in!

7.30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

If you enjoyed the Zumba workout you are going to love this one! You can either follow the video or mute it and dance to your favorite beat. Tabata is becoming one of the hottest workouts because it is quick and effective! Whichever you decide to do you are going to get a great cardio workout in and sweat like crazy!


10 Workouts That Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy

8. 15 MIN DANCE PARTY WORKOUT – Full Body/No Equipment

Another great workout that you don’t have to hit the gym for. Be ready to get your sweat on while having a dance party at the same time. This workout hits various muscle groups, gets your heart rate up and makes you break a sweat. Dancing can help you with your coordination and flexibility. Before this workout, it is crucial that you drink lots of water since you will be losing it while sweating. Dancing is a great way to get your cardio in if you are not much of a runner. You can do this workout with either a friend or yourself! It also contains the hottest 2000’s hits which will make your workout even more fun. Click on the title to get dancing and sweating!

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9.Britney Spears – Toxic SQUAT CHALLENGE WORKOUT

Are you ready to take on this squat challenge?! These squats will have your quads and booty burning while also making you sweat. This video is only three minutes long which will let you go on with your day after the workout!

10. 10-Minute Summer Sweat and Sculpted Abs Workout!

Another great 10-minute workout that you can do at home! This all-standing workout will have your blood pumping, and you will find yourself sweating like crazy! You can even do this workout at a park or the beach with your BFF. Click on the title to get your 19-minute sweat and sculpted abs workout in!

10 Workouts That Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy


Sweating boosts up your immunity, clears your skin, serves as a detox for your body, and releases those feel-good hormones. It gets the toxins out of your body and can even boost sexual attraction! Sweating during workouts can also boost up your energy and give you the motivation to finish your workout! Though sweating in public is annoying and awkward sweating while working out is great and beneficial. Which workout did you like the most? Are we missing another great workout? Comment below and share it with your gym buddy!