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10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

When you have a list of a hundred things to do, it’s easy to avoid working out. Between college, work, and my commitment to Game of Thrones – my schedule is pretty packed. You shouldn’t feel the need to shame yourself for missing a workout, but your health is important. It’s possible to squeeze in quick workouts throughout your day. These 10 workouts are perfect for the girl with zero time – gym membership not required.

1. The Perfect Pin

“The perfect pin” is a popular Pinterest workout that requires zero equipment. This sequence has been a personal favorite of mine, and my friends for years. It’s quick, but it’ll kick your butt. You can do it first thing in the morning, or at night before getting into the shower.

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

2. Sun Salutations

Sun Salutation postures are a great way to begin your day. Think of it has half workout, half meditation. You can feel free to add different yoga postures to suit your body that day.

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

3. Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful is about to become your new favorite workout class. Mary Helen Bowers created these ballet-inspired workouts for the dancer in all of us. Her classes are frequented by Victoria Secret Angels like Lily Aldridge. You don’t have to attend her SoHo studio because there’s a ton of free online videos.

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

4. Core Strength Yoga

If crunches aren’t your thing, then yoga postures are great to strengthen your core. People assume yoga is only used for improving your flexibility, but it really strengthens your muscles. This core sequence from Get Healthy U TV is fast but effective. Hold each posture for thirty seconds, or longer if you’re pro!

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero TIme

5. Dance Workouts

Dance workouts are great if you find yourself bored doing traditional workout routines. If you follow the fashion blogger Something Navy on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen Amanda Kloots before. Her workouts are high-energy, and a lot of fun. Best of all, you can do them in your living room. No worries if you miss a step, or feel ridiculous because no one’s watching.

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

6. Spell Your Name Workout

The spell your name workout is a creative routine circulating Pinterest. It’s easy to follow – match each workout to the letter of your name. If you have a three-letter name like myself, you might want to throw your last name in there too.

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

7. Workout In Bed

There’s no shame if you’ve been feeling especially lazy lately, we’ve all been there. Apparently, you can actually work out in your bed. The next time you’re in the middle of a Netflix binge, just throw in some leg lifts.

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10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

8. Stretch

Keeping your muscles flexible, and strong is just as important as exercising. Remember to take the time to stretch every once in a while. You can also use a foam roller or massage ball.

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

9. Five Minute Toned Arms

This five-minute workout is an easy way to tone your arms, without having to buy any weights. No one is a huge fan of armpit fat, but hey it happens. If you’ve been neglecting your upper-body, this is a great fast routine.

10 Workouts For The Girl With Zero Time

10. Go For A Walk

This is arguably the easiest exercise on this list. Not everyone is a runner, and that’s completely fine. Consider taking a walk after dinner, and if you’ve got a dog then even better! You could even try walking your work commute if possible. You don’t need to buy a Fitbit in order to get your steps in every day.

It can be hard to fit workouts into a busy schedule, but consider all the benefits of daily exercise. Stress relief, endorphins, skin health, and countless others. Try incorporating these routines whenever you have free time. You don’t need equipment, or a gym membership to stay healthy.

Do you have any quick workout routines? Comment down below!

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