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10 Workouts For People Who Get Bored At The Gym

10 Workouts For People Who Get Bored At The Gym

Workouts are not always the most fun thing to do. Many of us are reluctant to work out unless we have alternative means for motivation, and sometimes going to the gym just isn’t it. Many of us, myself included, get bored at the gym or feel uninterested. This article is directed at keeping your motivation high for exercise so that you don’t ever feel bored at the gym again!

1. Runner’s High

Runner’s high is an amazing rush to your mind when the endorphins start flowing during a workout. It is called ‘runners high’ because that is literally what it is. I am someone who loves to run. I absolutely love it. Before the moans, groans, and eye-rolls, just give me a chance here. Running is a full-body workout, and while nobody is discrediting your hard work at the gym, any full-body workout is beneficial. Maybe you walk for half a mile and jog the other half, and before you know it you’ve gone 1 mile. I cannot say enough good things about running, especially in the warm weather or summer months. Something about the sunshine and running with music is incredibly relaxing to me, and there are so many times I run without earphones in the summer just because of how addicting the workout is. But hey, if running isn’t for you, it isn’t for you. Just give it a shot!

10 Workouts For People Who Get Bored At The Gym

2. Stairs

Save the money you normally would spend on a gym membership, because using the stair machine can give you the same exact results by just repeating them outside. If you live near a lake or anything similar, there may be stairs of some sort. I know near me there is, and the stairs separate the parking lot from the beach/ lake area. Walking or even jogging up and down the stairs is fun, and you certainly won’t get bored. Don’t forget to blast some music while you are doing it!


3. Squats

All of that booty quotes and motivational tips have finally paid off. Have you pictured the peach emoji yet? For real, squats are not bad, are they? Any workout that doesn’t require a gym is not a bad idea in my opinion, and while I am all for the gym, I also think closing out your membership during the summer months might be something to think about, just because of how warm it is in the summer months, it may be a waste to pay for something you won’t be using.

10 Workouts For People Who Get Bored At The Gym

4. Spin Class

For everyone who gets bored at the gym, doing a spin class couldn’t hurt. I had done spin a couple of times with my friend a few years back, and not only are spin classes fun and upbeat, but the last thing you are is bored. You do not have time to be bored, your butt, legs, and whole body is kicking ass to keep up with this workout. Not to mention, music is blasting and it is such a fun environment. I would seriously think of checking out classes near you! It is a lot of fun!

10 Workouts For People Who Get Bored At The Gym


5. Zumba

Likewise, with spin class, Zumba is an outstanding workout. Most gyms and other fitness organizations offer a dance class or something similar, and you may be surprised by how many calories you burn during this exercise. This workout keeps you moving and prevents boredom, I promise you.

6. Ab Workouts

One of the reasons I encourage you to do ab workouts is because of the distraction of doing them – the pain and strain that you feel, will not allow you to feel bored. You can do this outside or inside your home, at your own leisure. Ab workouts can be super intense but highly rewarding, and you’ll thank me later.

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7. Hiking

Believe it or not, hiking is for sure a workout. Grab some friends together, once the weather is nicer out, and head the hills, literally. Hiking can really serve as a two- action purpose, you get to see some really beautiful things, while simultaneously getting a workout in. Think of it almost as tricking your body into working out. Ha-ha, but seriously, hiking is totally worth it!


8. Swimming

Honestly, so many people forget that swimming is an option at certain gyms and recreational facilities.  I swam while I was on vacation, in a pool, and it can really feel like a workout. Swimming is also incredibly rejuvenating to your muscles, I suggest swimming after you have just run, and stretched of course.

9. HIIT Workouts

These workouts are tailored to a number of different people’s strengths and weaknesses, and with that in mind, the last thing you will be is bored. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and let me tell you, it will be more than getting your steps in!

10. Yoga

Last but not least, yoga may not be considered a workout. Yoga is definetly a workout, especially Bikram yoga, which I have done many times. Bikram yoga, otherwise known as ‘hot yoga’ is exactly what it sounds like – yoga in the heat. Bring shorts and a sports bra, because it gets hot in there. Yoga can be different depending on the class you go to. Some yoga emphasizes stretching and relaxation, while other yoga instructors encourage more strenuous activity or ab workouts. Either way, it is something I would highly recommend going to! Just be prepared for some light workouts and stretching, but isn’t that why you came? P.S, you won’t have time to be bored!

When it comes to workouts, everyone has their favorites and least favorite way to exercise. Whether you are a runner, a swimmer, or someone who is always at the gym, I hope this article helps you find something to broaden your horizons. With summer coming, I hope you will spend some time outside working out if you prefer! Which workout was your favorite? Comment below! Thank you so much, everyone, for reading!

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