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6 Workout Motivation Tips When You Have No Desire To

6 Workout Motivation Tips When You Have No Desire To

Here are some great workout motivation tips when you have other things to do, but have you every thought about how it might help your life?

First, I just want to acknowledge that as college students, our lives are hectic!  Balancing work, school, having a social life, and finding time to eat and sleep is exhausting. Sometimes, I don’t know how we do it. That being said, I have come to learn that working out is a time where I can forget all the insanity and just focus on myself.  I have to say, it’s a pretty nice feeling!  That is why I strongly encourage everyone to adopt a workout schedule of their own so they can dedicate time to bettering themselves as well. However, this can be easier said than done, especially when you have your comfy couch and Netflix at your disposal.  To help with this, I’m sharing my workout motivation tips on how to convince yourself to get off the couch and get moving!

1.) Finding A Time That Works For You

How To try workout motivation tips When You Have No Desire To Leave The Couch

We’ve all seen those people who go on mile-long runs at 6 a.m., and we all wonder how they are even physically capable of exercising that early.  We all have our own unique schedules, so the only person that can decide the best time to work out in is YOU.

After vigorously researching, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no “right” time of the day to workout.  However, working out at different times of the day can have different effects.  Some people work out in the morning to keep them feeling more energized throughout the day.  On the other hand, some people choose to workout in the evening because they have enough energy for the day, have eaten meals and consumed enough water.  Some people, like me, do both!  Get your workouts in at a time that is convenient for you, and will be much more inclined to go.

2.) Be Strict With Yourself

How To Get On A Workout Schedule When You Have No Desire To Leave The Couch

When you enter college, you have to learn how to start self-disciplining yourself. For example, knowing when to go to sleep, forcing yourself to go to your boring 8:00 AM lectures, and knowing when you need to skip the party to stay home and study.

The same mentality goes with working out, especially when you are starting out.  After your first sweat session, you will be exhausted and probably be sore in the following days.  These might not be ideal feelings, it’s just an adjustment to this new way of exerting your body!  Even though you just want to sit at home and nurse your sore muscles, it is best to just power through your next workout.

Keep in mind: the more you work out, the less sore you will be.  Don’t let the first day scare you off from a healthier lifestyle! Try these workout motivation tips!

3.) Pick A Workout Class That You Think Is Fun

How To try workout motivation tips When You Have No Desire To Leave The Couch.

Not all workouts consist of running on the treadmill for an hour.  I actually prefer to do fitness classes over my own routine because there are so many different types!  Plus, it feels good knowing that I am getting a good workout every time I go to a class because the instructors make them challenging, yet doable.  The instructors also try to make them as fun as possible; with club music pumping during my Circuit Cycle classes to the teacher reminding us to smile during Power Yoga. I always have a blast while blasting my muscles!

You will be inclined to workout more when you fall in love with a class.  Finding an instructor that you think is great is another way to motivate yourself to go! With the many options to choose from, you’ll never be bored. You could have yoga in the morning and Zumba at night, it’ll be a fun experience to try them all and have fun!

4.) Get A Workout Buddy

How To try workout motivation tips When You Have No Desire To Leave The Couch.

My best friend/roommate and I have completely different schedules during the school year, and even though we live together, it can seem like we just don’t see each other a lot during the week.  How do we combat this and start using workout motivation tips?  Yoga class!  Finding a workout buddy is a great way to spend time with friends who you don’t see often while making sure you get that workout in.

It’s also nice to know that you have your own cheerleader in a class that you are nervous to try.  I always get so excited when my roommate nails a new pose and she does the same for me!  Getting fit while empowering your bestie?  What a great combo!

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5.) Reward Yourself

How To Get On A Workout Schedule When You Have No Desire To Leave The Couch

I am a big advocator when it comes to treating yourself!  Even the top fitness trainers and body builders need to have rest days in order for the new muscle to form.  Having a little reward can be the incentive you need to keep you on your workout schedule (especially when you are first starting one).

Everyone’s reward system can be catered to the type of person you are.  Rewards can range from watching an extra hour of Netflix to ordering dessert at the end of the week.  My personal favorite reward is buying cute new workout gear!  I was hesitant at first to do this because I didn’t want to buy a bunch of clothes and then not wear them, but since my new norm is working out 4 times a week, I need more cute clothes to fit my schedule.  Bottom line- treat yo’self!

6.) Track Your Progress

How To try workout motivation tips When You Have No Desire To Leave The Couch.

When I first started to see my body changing after a month or so of working out, I was addicted to the progress!  Seeing your body change for the better can be the motivation you need to keep working on yourself!  If you are unsure whether or not your workouts are effective, there are workout motivation tips and tools to help you keep track of your progress.

Fitbits are one of the most commonly used tools and with good reason!  Hitting your 10,000 steps can show you that being active is very much possible. Apps like MyFitnessPal and Endomondo are devices that you can take anywhere to keep tracking.  Not sure which one to use?  Go to to take a quiz to find your fitness tracking match!

Lastly, having an “I can!” attitude will be the most helpful tool in sticking to a new workout schedule.  Remember, you are stronger than you think, so get out and get active!

How were these workout motivation tips helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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