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Workout Clothes So Cute You’ll Actually Want To Go To The Gym

I am not a huge fan of going to the gym, but when I do, I want to look good. For those of you who need that extra little push to go workout, here are some workout clothes so cute, they’ll be just the motivation you need!

1. For the over 21 crowd.

That’s just about the only thing I’ll run for…Get the shirt here.

2. A touch of neon.

This cute and comfy neon combo are THE workout clothes you need for the summer. The lightweight t-shirt will keep you cool while you’re sweating at the gym while the neon shades will glisten in the sun (or maybe that’s just your sweat). Get the sports bra here.

3. Show a little skin.

This cute, sexy and strappy sports bra is a perfect top for the gym, yoga class, or mid-morning run. Ladies, it is time to show off your back muscles! Get the sports bra here!

4. Get tribal with Aztec print.

These printed leggings are the ideal concoction of cute and fun; the ultimate recipe for perfect workout clothes. I can almost guarantee everyone at the gym will stop and stare at the pretty pattern…or maybe they’re just staring at your booty! Here are some similar leggings from Onzie!

5. Show off your inner ballerina.

Even if you have no ballerina in you, these leggings will make you feel like you do! Get yours here.

6. When you need a little motivation.

Whenever you’re thinking about quitting, this motivational shirt will remind you why you’re at the gym to begin with. Get similar style shirts here.

7. For when you’re feeling a little #basic.

Starbucks girl strong is the perfect shirt for just about any girl. Wearing this shirt will make you feel strong and comfortable in your own skin. Get this #basic tank here.


8. If you’re trying to stay cool. Literally.

With its beachy vibe, this sports bra is perfect for summer. Whether you’re taking a run along the seaside, or dreaming you were as you truck along on the treadmill, while donning this bra, you’ll look cool while doing so. Get a similar style sports bra here.

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9. Because comfort is key.

This comfortable shirt is great for catching an afternoon yoga class. In combination with this strappy sports bra, you will look great doing your moves on the yoga mat. Click here for a similar style.

10. When you’re feeling bright and cheery.

This vibrant workout outfit is an awesome combination for a quick afternoon at the gym. Get these awesome leggings here.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Maria Pericozzi

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