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8 Workout Apps You Need Right Now

8 Workout Apps You Need Right Now

8 Workout Apps You Need Right Now

Are you constantly on the move? Can you not afford a typical gym membership? Are you new to working out in general? Or do you just want to try out the newest workouts? Whatever your reason workout apps could be the right fit for you. Check out this guide to get an understanding of the best workout app out now.

C25K 5K Trainer

What is it? – C25K or Couch Potato to 5k is a free app that does exactly as it says. With an eight week course, this app helps to get you off your butt and out running.

Rating? – The app has a 4.8 review on the App Store with users swearing on it to jump start them exercising more.


Who is it for?- If you’re a newbie to running or working out in general, this is the app for you!

Yoga Wake Up

What is it? – Yoga Wake Up is an app for people looking to start their days with a bit of guided meditation and yoga. Each exercise starts from the bed and helps you start off your day strong. To get the most out of the app Yoga Wake Up recommends a monthly subscription of $13.49 but it does have free services as well.

Rating? – The app has a 4.4 rating but the reviews recommend having a secondary alarm set up to be sure you wake up.


Who is it for? – The app’s own description says “If you spend the first 10 minutes of your morning scrolling through news or social media, this app’s for you!” So basically this app is for everyone.

Six Pack In 30 Days

What is it? – This is an app for all skill level that guides you through 30 days of core exercises. You can do all of the workouts at home and without and additional gym equipment. The app is free but also has premium subscriptions available for full access.

Rating? – This app has a perfect 5.0 rating and over ten thousand reviews! Users love how easy it is to use and the results they get.


Who is it for? – Six Pack in 30 Days is for any skill level looking to strengthen their core or finally get the abs they’ve always dreamed of.

7 Minute Butt Workout

What is it? – The app name is actually “Butt Workout and Fitness App” but they are best known for their seven-minute workouts that quickly target the booty to help shape and firm.

Rating? – This app has a 4.8 rating and is completely free.


Who is it for? – The workouts on this app can be done at home but would be a lot easier with gym equipment so this is best for someone looking for some more guidance on booty exercises.

Tone It Up: Workout And Fitness

What is it? – Tone It Up works as an app providing specialized classes in HIIT, yoga, barre, kickboxing, kettlebell and cardio for women of all levels. The app also acts as a support system for users letting you talk to your teachers and peers.

Rating? – This app is beloved by its users with a 4.4 rating. See what all the hype is about with a seven-day free trial. After that, it’s $12.99 a month for the service.


Who is it for? –  This app is better if you have access to gym equipment but it is open to all skill levels.


What is it? – This app offers audio based fitness classes run by its team of personal trainers. To get unlimited classes it’s $14.99 a month.

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Rating? – Aaptiv has a 4.7 rating and is frequently praised as a top workout app.

Who is it for? –  Like Tone It Up this app is better if you have access to gym equipment but it is open to all skill levels.

Nike Training Club

What is it? –  Nike Training Club lets users try hundreds of workouts from trainers and professional athletes with options for yoga to HIIT. You can subscribe to get more personalized workouts but it’s not necessary to enjoy the app.


Rating? – This app is ranked in the top 50 of the Health & Fitness section of the App Store and has a 4.8 rating.

Who is it for? – Depending on the workout you may need gym equipment so it’s better if you have access to a gym with this app.

Nike Run Club

What is it? – Similar to Nike Training Club the run club offers guided runs with trainers, professional athletes, and celebrities – there’s even a series of runs with Kevin Hart. This app tracks your pace and route and lets you share it with others.


Rating? – This app also has a 4.8 rating.

Who is it for? – This app is great for runners beginners to advanced, especially those who want to join in person run clubs as the app does a great job of connecting people in the same city and setting challenges.

Which workout apps will you try out? Let us know in the comment section below!

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