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How to Work Out Without Leaving Your Dorm at SJU

How to Work Out Without Leaving Your Dorm at SJU

College is extremely overwhelming not only mentally, but also physically. We look at ourselves in the mirror and slowly see our bodies changing. We want to do so well in school that we sometimes forget that we need to take care of ourselves! How can we possibly go work out, while also churning out those straight A’s? How can we prevent ourselves from eating those Spicy Cheetos as we tackle another all-nighter?

We’ve heard that working out increases energy, discipline and mental agility, but there is always something that prevents many of us from going to the gym. Whether it be lack of time, an overwhelming workload, or we simply don’t feel comfortable working out in front of other people, sometimes getting to the gym just isn’t feasible.


I understand all of these reasons, because I have used these excuses on a daily basis too, but I have realized that I really had no excuse. We don’t need the gym to work out; we can meet our fitness goals right in our dorm rooms at SJU! I love to work out in my dorm room, because it saves time and it’s free!


I created a list of my ten favorite workouts, but before I begin I want to share five quick rules you should follow when working on your fitness.


There are five rules you should always follow when you work out:

1. Work out four days a week.

I know it seems impossible, but you can do it.


2. Have a fitness buddy.

Having a fitness buddy decreases the likelihood of you missing workouts or flaking on your goals.



3. Do not let the scale determine your progress.

Muscles weigh more than fat. Use the mirror, your strength and your energy levels to track your progress.

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4. Try to eat healthy, and never use a slip up as an excuse.

They don’t call it comfort food because it sounds pretty. College is stressful, and food can be seem like our best source of comfort, but it only feels good for a second. A moment of comfort can only cause major setbacks in your fitness goals, and can even cause fatigue.


5. Do not give up on yourself.

Do not quit. Anytime you feel like quitting remember this quote by Samuel Beckett, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Remember these rules as you go through your fitness journey! Now…


Here are ten simple workouts that are perfect for your dorm room at SJU:

1. Jumping Jacks.

2. Jump Rope.


3. Mountain Climbers.


4. Squats


5. Leg Raises.



6. Lying Pull In.

7. Twists.

8. Crunches.


9. Planks.


10. Hip Raises.

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