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15 Work From Home Outfits To Look Stylish AF

15 Work From Home Outfits To Look Stylish AF

Whether you are working from home due to the strange COVID-19 world we are engulfed in or working remotely is the norm for you, these work from home outfits will keep you looking stylish and productive. These style choices range from comfort chique to full workday glam in order to fulfill your daily fashion inspiration needs.

1. Pant Suit Galore

A matching pantsuit screams professional and personal. By picking out the design and color palette that best matches your personal fashion, a pantsuit is a perfect work from home outfit.

2. Casual Comfort

Although typically sweatpants are not known to be professional work attire, the recent fashion trend of pantsuits and sweatsuits has been circulating the internet. On days that you are sleepy and unmotivated to get out of bed, throwing on a comfy but cute sweatsuit is a go-to work from home outfit. Both stylish and casual, a sweatsuit is can be easily styled up for your work needs, while still ensuring your cozy all day long.


3. Stand Out Blouse

An easy way to spice up any outfit is to match an eccentric fashionable top with a basic pant or vice versa. By pairing a unique blouse with your favorite boyfriend jeans, you will get away with looking good waste up, while not having to worry about wearing uncomfortable bottoms around your house all day.

4. Tan Pant

Tan pants are a go-to fashion staple for any business attire outfit. This colored pant is easy to pair with any top and will immediately dress up any outfit to make it appear more formal. Match the pants to a cute black or gold belt, or tuck in your shirt for business attire perfection.

5. Turtleneck and Sweater Pair

If you are working from home, weather is most likely not a problem for you, meaning you can wear short or long sleeves whenever you want. That being said, fashion’s favorite season can be a year-round style for you. Sweater season constantly in full swing means layering is all the rave, and coziness can be easily achieved. By combining a turtle neck and sweater, you are dressing up a typical look and making it appear more professional.


6. Skirt and Sweater

A skirt is a simple way to spice up any outfit and to make it more professional you can pair it with a basic sweater. By sticking to office color tones, such as blacks, browns, and creams, this outfit will be perfect for a day of work at home.

7. Dress it Up

If you want to have a fancier day in your home office, or are planning on having a business meeting via video chat, a dress is a formal way to spice up business attire. A good business dress typically goes to the knee or below, making it office appropriate, and has a consistent and basic pattern such as spots or stripes.

8. Comfortable, but Make it Chique

Sweatpants and a blazer is a unique way to take a comfortable work from home outfit, but make it chique. Classy and sassy you will remain cozy indoors while still sporting a new style trend in the fashion industry.


9. Friday Casual

Most offices have a dress code of business attire and professional clothing until the workday weekend, Friday hits. Friday is typically a day in which many offices allow employees to dress casual, but cute. Going back to the basics and picking out a simple cardigan sweater to pair with your favorite jeans will have you saying “thank god it’s Friday.” By taking part in casual Fridays, it will be as though you are working from an actual office, rather than the comfort of your own home.

10. Flowy Pants

A comfortable, but more stylish pant rather than jeans are flowy pants. These were a major fashion trend back in 2013, but have made a recent comeback in the world of business attire due to their newly designed, more formal appearance. Flowy pants are perfect to work from home in because they are loose-fitting and comfortable to wear, especially if you are going to be sitting down for long periods of time.

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11. Jumpsuit

If you aren’t the dress type, another option to wear is a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are a playful fashion staple that is easy to throw on and dress up. By adding a cute undershirt, and jewelry to match the colors of the jumpsuit, you can spice up your overall look.

12. Button it Up with a Collar

The easiest and least expensive way to look business professional is by putting on a button-up collared shirt. This is a basic piece that can be paired with nearly any pant and look put together.

13. Denim on Denim

A unique work from home outfit is a denim on denim look. This outfit will keep you poppin’ in your at-home office and will show that you know the recent style trends. Although jeans are typically seen as casual, denim and denim adds a fashionista flair to any outfit.


14. Dress it Down

Another dress to wear when working from home is a basic floral sundress. This is an easy throw on a fashion item and can be upstyled with accessories or fun shoes. Along with this, working from home is the perfect place to get use out of your favorite dress that you seemingly never find the opportunity to wear.

15. Business Blazer

A basic, yet a classic staple in business professional clothing is a blazer. Whether you are planning on going full formal with a pantsuit, or simply throwing a blazer over a cute and casual outfit, blazers spice up any office attire to make it appear more put together. Blazers also come in many different patterns and sizes, whether you have a single color blocked blazer, or a gingham patterned oversized suit jacket, blazers can be worn in all different ways with various different outfit styles.

What do you wear to stay fashion-forward while working from home? Let us know in the comments below!

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