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10 Wonderful Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Wine Bottles

10 Wonderful Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Wine Bottles

Old wine bottles can pose a problem – especially when you don’t know what to do with them, or where to place them. You may find that they’re too pretty to throw away, yet take up an unnecessary amount of space. But with these 10 wonderful ways to make use of your old wine bottles you no longer have to let good glass – or good memories – go to waste, and can instead cherish each for years to come.  

1. Pictures

If you are into photography, scrapbooking, and/or collages then wine bottles may pose as the perfect creative outlet for you. The outer perimeter serves as a bulletin board for all your memories – allowing you to display them in a fun and new way. One example of how this is done is through the tapping – and/or super gluing – of photos onto the edge of a chopstick. Once you have completed the first step you can then insert one chopstick into each bottle. The second step involves you arranging your assortment of bottles so that each picture can be seen – within your makeshift frame – with no wine bottles being wasted in the process. 

10 Wonderful Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Wine Bottles


2. Yard Lights

Lanterns – although perfect during the spring and summer months – can be expensive when buying in bulk. But by DIY-ing your own you’ll find that hosting your next big pool party – or a backyard barbecue – is a whole lot easier. You can line the railing – or outer edge of the walkway – with an array of them. But just make sure that you set each wine bottle’s in a safe location to avoid damage being done. The best part about this is that you can even incorporate them into your theme – and change the color of the lights within – to better cater to your event.

3. Cabinet Decorations

The easiest way to store your old wine bottles is on top of your cabinets. Here, you can arrange them from smallest to largest, shortest to tallest, and vice versa. You can even organize by brand – and color – giving a down-to-earth yet classy feel to the atmosphere as a whole. Just make sure to avoid clashing your decor with cheaper alcohols – or beverages other than wine.

4. Incense Holder

While old wine bottles serve as the perfect holders for practically anything, incense sticks – in particular – are slender enough to easily fit through the opening. In doing so, you can easily avoid the mess that comes with ash – as it falls to the bottom of the bottle – rather than making a mess elsewhere. You can then place your new decor on your windowsill or desk, and complement it with a candle. Just make sure to keep up with cleaning out the remaining ash.


10 Wonderful Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Wine Bottles

5. Candy Dispenser

If you are a big candy eater – or just need a little kickstart to get you through the day – then use your old wine bottle as a dispenser. In doing so, you’ll find that you can fit hard candies into the bottle, and fill them all the way up to the top. This is perfect because with how big the average wine bottle is you won’t find yourself having to constantly refill its contents. Just make sure that your wine bottles are dried out good before you refill them to avoid sticky residue.

6. Paper Mache

Paper Mache has always served as a fun craft for kids everywhere, but as soon as we exit elementary school we’re oftentimes so quick to forget. Paper Maching your wine bottles give you the opportunity to not only enjoy something nostalgic but experiment as well. In doing so, you can incorporate a variety of designs, while creating a set for each room within your home. Let’s say your sister likes lilies, and your brother likes bowling; you may find yourself getting creative in such a way as to where you stencil flowers onto her set of wine bottles while making bowling pins out of his.


7. Centerpiece

One way that you can spice up your dining room table is by placing an old wine bottle at the center and putting an array of flowers within it. In doing so, your kitchen area can harbor a warm and inviting feel. The best part about this is the more wine bottles the better, as you can place a series of miniature vases throughout the house. These can serve as instant decorations that are beautiful, and easy on your wallet.

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10 Wonderful Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Wine Bottles


8. Labels

One cute way that you can make use of your old wine bottles is by using them as labels. If you’re someone who loves to organize then you can both color code – and label – the bottles with each day of the week. Then after having done so you can place each on their own separate shelf – in descending order – to serve as a visual planner, or guide, of what you’re supposed to get done for that day. It will be easy to look up at your designated shelf and grab what you need for the day – while making note of what has to be done.

9. Glitter

Glitter can be a girl’s best friend, but at other times it can be a nuisance to get out – no matter whether it be on your face, in your hair, or on your clothes. What better way to rid yourself of this problem completely than to bypass the glitter, and use it towards something crafty. Old wine bottles allow you the opportunity to do this by adding whatever color – or colors – of glitter that you want to each. Once you have added liquid you can then enjoy your own makeshift lava lamp – through an array of colors.

10. Spinner

One of the most traditional ways that you can use your old wine bottles is for games. Even though spin-the-bottle is kind of outdated this shouldn’t stop you from creating – and establishing – your own game(s) with your friend group. You guys can even go the extra mile and decorate the bottle together as a team. The possibilities are endless, so why not make the most of each with the people you care for the most. 


10 Wonderful Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are just as precious as the wine itself. So why not be resourceful with them – and kind to Earth creatures in the process? Be sure to share, and let us know how you make use of your wine bottles!

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