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5 Women’s Clothing Styles That Men Love To See Them Wearing

5 Women’s Clothing Styles That Men Love To See Them Wearing

Women’s clothing styles are always a thing of pure beauty. Like every gender, there are some articles of clothing or clothing styles that stand out more than others. Here are a few clothing styles men love to see women wearing. Women are men’s eye candy. It’s a fact that women are the most beautiful, attractive, intellectual, specimens on earth. We have nothing else to do but admire you gals greatness with our eyes, but not to the extinct that it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Relaxed clothes such as Sweatsuits and tennis shoes.

The relaxed and chilled-look women’s clothing styles. OK, ladies, I know you like to doll yourselves up with makeup, heels, and a dress. Don’t get me wrong we love that look a lot, but the sweatpants and Jordans look are just so sexy in a relaxed way. Most men understand that women can doll up and look phenomenal. Still, when they could look just as beautiful without dolling up, it makes them even sexier.  Wearing a sweatshirt with sweat pants is very hot. It makes women look warm and soft and more approachable. So Relax women, and put your hair up for a change while wearing a sweatsuit with tennis shoes. Don’t worry; most men will still feel you are just as attractive, if not more. Wearing tennis shoes is always a good thing for women’s attraction, especially if they are the latest Jordans. Wearing tennis shoes show us, men, that you have some of the same interests as us. What man doesn’t want a woman who is up to date on the latest sneakers that just dropped.


The Summer Dress without tennis shoes

Yes, one of the women’s clothing styles known as the summer dress is always a head-turner. The way a women’s body fills out the dress is of epic proportion. Sundresses are one of the reasons men love the spring and summer. It outlines the amazing curves that your body has. A summer dress is one of the best outfits women wear.

The problem that men are seeing when ladies wear sundresses, that’s becoming a huge turn off, is those tennis shoes. I know, I know, your feet may hurt and don’t want to walk in heels all day, but those tennis shoes are becoming a massive no-no for men. The tennis shoes you gals tend to wear doesn’t add to your outfit. Basically, it can positively belittle your outfit, because it just doesn’t look right. Why not wear some sandals and or heels? Women’s feet are attractive, don’t hide them behind some sneaker, when you are dressed as if you shouldn’t be wearing them. Please keep it simple and choose some other footwear.


Women in scrubs

This may be a shocker but yes women wearing scrubs is one of the most attractive women’s clothing styles. OK, this outfit a lot of women don’t have because it is worn by women in the medical field and child care field. But oh my god, this outfit does something to our souls. Maybe its because women are natural nurturers, and the idea of them being able to take care of someone appeals to us. Heck, everyday women that wear scrubs are caring for someone.

 I can’t explain it but when women wear this outfit is so sensual. Scrubs doesn’t show off much, because they aren’t tight-fitting all the time, and we can’t foresee you all’s figure.  I’m not too fond of the idea of going to the doctors for a checkup, but when the female nurse walks in wearing scrubs, I begin to not mind the whole idea of being there.  It gives off the feeling that you are so soft and comfortable. This outfit also shows your curves and that you have some form of intelligence. They aren’t letting anybody in those fields of work. This is a different, but hot outfit men love.


Athletic, Active-wear.

One of the women’s clothing styles that show their dedication and grit. Some women do not like to sweat, but why not look sexy when you have to sweat. For the most part, we all love our bodies. Women’s bodies are amazing, but seeing a woman wearing clothes that give off the effect that she really cares about her body is a plus. Some men love working out, and to have women interested in that same activity is a huge win.

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Spandex, leggings, sports bras, and tight tank tops are all considered athletic, activewear that women casually sport from time to time. Of course, these outfits are revealing to all of your body curves more than any other outfit, but men love when women wear them. So the next time you are doing your early run or exercising at the gym, and you catch a man take a quick glance at you, know he is just admiring your beauty.


Tight blue ripped jeans with a white tee shirt and a sweater or cardigan.

This women’s clothing style is one of my favorites. Wearing the colors blue and white shows cleanliness. Ladies, when you wear a pair of ripped jeans, its almost as if they are teasing us because we get to see some of that soft skin we are imaging. Yes, men tend to imagine things. Wearing a fitting clean white shirt adds to those blue jeans in a sexy way. Every woman can pull this outfit off. Whether you are a country or city gal, blue jeans and a white shirt is always perfect and straightforward.

The sweater and or cardigan compliments the other clothing because it makes the outfit more classy. When women decide to wear this whole outfit, they can wear them anywhere, even on a casual date. Honestly, women, you can wear almost anything and men will still think you are beautiful, that’s how life is.  These women’s clothing styles though, make you stand out more to most men, so always be confident and give them a try the next time you leave your house.


Do you think there are other outfits that men love, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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