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15 Women’s Cardigans Made For Hot Weather

Cardigans are a popular piece of clothing, so popular Taylor Swift wrote a song about it. Let’s face it, no matter the gender, we love cardigans and their versatility. We can pair cardigans with just about anything, and they look great and can create an amazing look despite the weather outside.  Sure, we see many cardigans in the fall and winter, but there are also cardigans you can wear in hot weather because of their material or being lightweight. Not all Summer days and nights are hot; some are paired with cool breezes and even rain. Throwing a light cardigan over your arm in anticipation of the night cooling down, windy weather or any other unexpected weather is quite common these days. Here are fifteen great cardigans to grab for hot weather and breezy days or nights.

1. Rainbow Stripe Cardigan

If you are looking for a cardigan with color, personality, and something that will catch the eye, then look no further than the Rainbow Stripe Cardigan from Shein. It is perfect for throwing over a tank top or cami during the summer, and you can pair it with a skirt, shorts, or jeans. You can leave the cardigan unbuttoned or button it up depending on your mood or style. This sweater screams happiness, fun, and playful. You will stand out against others wearing neutrals or darker shades, especially when it comes to cardigan sweaters.

2. Washable Forever Crew Neck Cardigan

The Banana Republic has a great selection of cardigans, especially lightweight designs. Washable Forever Crew Neck Cardigans come in various colors and can be worn over a light shirt or on its own. Lightweight and affordability make this cardigan perfect for any ensemble, from shorts to jeans. Dress it up or dress it down; the color selection and material make these Banana Republic Cardigans a must-have.

3.  Oversized Cardigan

This oversized Cardigan from Venus is a great choice for any Summer outfit or evening out. We often like to wrap ourselves up as a sense of security and protection, and this oversized cardigan is reminiscent of a thin, soft blanket hugging your body. You can throw this on over a lightweight t-shirt and shorts for the Summer and feel cozy and ready to take on the day. Whether lounging at home or with friends, you will love this Cardigan.

4. Solid Knit Lightweight Loose Fit Sweater Cardigan

This cardigan is lightweight and loose, so you can go anywhere with comfort. The Cardigan hangs loosely over your body and is a great option for throwing over a tank or light shirt. The cardigan does not have buttons and would be a great option to cover your arms in the airy Summer evenings. Overstock offers many color options, from bright to dark. You can literally find a color for any outfit you are dreaming of at a reasonable price.

5. Long Sleeve Lightweight Open Front Long Cardigan Sweaters With Pockets

This cardigan from Zaflynn is great for those looking for a longer cardigan to replace a jacket for those hot days and evenings. While this cardigan may belong, it is lightweight and features pockets, and we know how much we women love our pockets. Put it on a dress or a cardigan, and we are thrilled! Try this loose-fitting, maxi style cardigan with a classic design this Summer.

6. Fine-Knit Cardigan

H&M’s Fine-Knit Cardigan is a nice choice for a hot day or warm evening, whether at a bonfire with friends or lounging by the pool before a night swim. Try leaving this cardigan unbuttoned over a swimsuit or swim top and shorts or pair it with a cute mini skirt. There are many color variations to try, so fear not matching your suit or other apparel. You will love this lightweight piece this Spring or Summer.

7. Short Sleeve Cardigan

If you feel the heat of the sun roasting the ground, you may want to try a lightweight cardigan that is short-sleeved. A short sleeve cardigan will protect your back and shoulders from being sunburned while you wear a tank top, cami, or swimsuit under it. This cardigan will still keep you feeling cool in the hot sun while you enjoy time with friends on the beach, pool, or shopping.

8. Lace Cardigan

Talk about lightweight but beautiful. This lace cardigan available on is a great option for someone who does not want anything too heavy or too overbearing. The lace cardigan has a dressy feel and will help you dress up any outfit that is a little more laid back. You can also pair this cardigan with a dress or skirt and give it an extra dressy vibe. The elegance in the design will resonate through your entire outfit, and you will feel beautiful, cool, and ready for a date or fun time out on the town.

9. Cozy Lightweight Fleece Cardigan

Many Cardigans are made of various materials; this one is fleece, lightweight, and hangs loosely on the body. It is a great option not only for hot weather but for workouts. Imagine going for a run in the morning or evening and draping this cardigan over a workout top and leggings or wearing it over a bikini top and shorts. Either way, you will not feel overheated, and it is a cardigan that is left open to keep you cool. Try this cozy, lightweight fleece cardigan available at Target the next time you go for a run or evening walk this Summer.

10. French Terry Lightweight Flyaway Cardigan

Just My Size (JMS) has a French Terry cardigan at a great price. The Terry material is extremely soft and is very comfortable. You can pair this cardigan with leggings, jeans, shorts, or just about anything you desire. You can even throw it over a dress or wear it on an evening stroll. Either way, you can find flattering colors for the plus-size body types on the Just My Size website and spent your Summer days in comfort with this cardigan.

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11. Convertible Cardigan

Chico’s Off the Rack offers a great cardigan for hot weather. This extremely lightweight cardigan comes in many colors and will go with anything you wear this Summer. The Convertible Cardigan is sheer and super light. It is airy and easy to layer with other clothing if you get too hot or too cold. It is the perfect layering cardigan for those hot Summer days.

12. Draped Lightweight Cardigan

Wanelo offers many cardigan options, and one is this beautiful, lightweight, and flowy piece you must add to your collection. This cardigan is great for layering and is perfect for a casual look. The color is gorgeous for Spring and Summer outfits. Aside from the color shown below, there are a few other options if you are looking for a different shade or color.

13. Cap Sleeve Cardigan

This lightweight cardigan appears to have no sleeves but is more of a cap sleeve style. It is lightweight and length. You could pair this cardigan with jeans, a tank, or even a short sleeve shirt if you wanted to add some layers. Try this cap sleeve style cardigan for a night out on the town or just relaxing on the beach catching some sun.

14. Bolero Cardigan

Boleros are a great fashion style to throw over a dress, a tank, or cami. The Bolero shrug cardigan on Amazon is a great choice if you are looking for something short and want to cover just your arms while still showing off your great top or dress. There are many colors to choose from, so if you are looking for a spring color, a summer color, or neutral, it can pair up with any outfit for the Summer or warm days ahead.

15. Crop Top Cardigan

Yes, you heard that right. There is a crop top styled cardigan available at Pac Sun. If you want to wear jeans, pants, shorts or a skirt and pair it with something cool but doesn’t show off too much, this is the cardigan for you! The cardigan is long sleeve but cut short. You can wear it over a bikini top or a sports bra and feel cool even in the warm weather.  Overall,  the sweater is lightweight, functional, and comfortable.

Cardigans are worn throughout the majority of the seasons; there are many designed for hot or cold weather. Spring and Summer are just around the corner. What cardigans could you see yourself rocking this Summer?

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