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How Women Can Make The First Move And Not Be Afraid To

How Women Can Make The First Move And Not Be Afraid To

These are the tips and tricks for the best ways women can make the first move! Women don't always have to wait for men to make the first move.

The idea of waiting for the guy to make the first move has been engraved in women’s minds since the beginning of their lives. We teach girls to be coy and polite, to wait for the boy to come to them. Don’t be too obvious or else you’ll scare them away. But then, that leaves girls and women just sitting around waiting for men to reach out to them. And as a young woman, I know that that can take just about forever. Especially lately, with all of the recent sexual assault accusations flying around. It leaves men too scared to make the first move at times in fear that they’re coming on too strong and harassing women. But on the other hand, it leaves a lot of women patiently waiting in their new jeans and freshly applied makeup for a man to approach them. Here are the ways that women can make the first move!

Any way you cut it, there’s a lot of waiting on the woman’s end. And personally, I’m sick and tired of waiting. Women had to wait to vote. Women had to wait to be allowed in the workforce. Women had to wait to own property. Of all the enormous things that women have had to wait for and then overcome, waiting for a guy to make the first move seems absolutely ridiculous. If women can change the status quo on gender equality, women can surely change the rules on approaching men. Here are some easy and bold as frick ways to come on to a man for the first time.

1. Message him first

Let’s be real. We’re all on dating apps. I know no one likes to admit it, but it’s true. We all have Tinder or Bumbe or something of the sorts downloaded on our phones only to pull out in the privacy of our bedrooms late at night. Everyone is swiping left and right like a madman barely paying attention to the other person’s bio. So, why are women so ashamed to message first a lot of the time? You’re on the app for some reason or another. Whether it’s to find a hookup or your future husband, there’s some reason you’re there. The beauty of Bumble is that the girl has to message first. So, maybe start there because without you first move it’s not going to happen. Then, after a while build up your repertoire of pickup lines and work your way into the wild-west of Tinder! This is one of the ways women can make the first move!

How Women Can Make The First Move And Not Be Afraid To

2. Tell him you like him

Guys are always talking about how sexy confidence is in a woman. What shows more gusto than walking up to your crush, looking him square in the face and saying “Hey man, you’re cool as shit. I like you,”? Nothing. You don’t necessarily have to do it just like that, but if you do more power to ya. Do what feels right for you. Maybe just complimenting him. Or telling him over text. The important thing is that you let him know that you have feelings for him. Especially because men are so thick sometimes that they won’t realize you’re into them until you explicitly say it. In the end, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and energy if you just come out and say how you feel. This is one of the ways women can make the first move!

How Women Can Make The First Move And Not Be Afraid To

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3. Get jiggy with him

One of the easiest ways to approach a guy at a bar is while you’re dancing. Just boogie on over to his neck of the woods and start singing and dancing with him. If he goes along with it, you know you’ve met a good one. After the song, introduce yourself and offer to buy a round of drinks! He’ll be so impressed with your dancing skills and bravery he’ll fall right for you. This is one of the ways women can make the first move!

How Women Can Make The First Move And Not Be Afraid To

4. Get “set up”

If you’re too nervous to make the first move yourself, this is a great roundabout way to do it. It only really works if you’re in the same friend group or if you have a mutual friend. All you have to do is get a friend of your’s and his to set the two of you up. It’ll seem like it was your friend’s idea but in reality, you were the mastermind behind the whole operation!

Which of these tips on how women can make the first move do you like best? Let us know below.

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