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What I Wish I Knew Before Plymouth State Orientation

Orientation can go one of two ways: good or bad. Being a transfer student, I’ve been to three college orientations, so I’m pretty sure I have some knowledge when it comes to college orientation. Here is a list of things I wish I had known before attending Plymouth State orientation.

1. Submit your final high school/college transcript prior to attending orientation.

2. Print out the orientation program guide.

This is key, so that you have some idea of what your Plymouth State orientation day is going to look like.

3. Sign up for orientation.

This goes without saying, but I saw someone at orientation that hadn’t signed up for it, and had a hard time attending that day.

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4. Dress for success, but not to impress.

In other words, don’t bum it; but also don’t dress for prom.

5. Bring a copy of all your transcripts.

This is just in case something happened and they didn’t receive it.

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6. Take the placement tests prior to orientation.

I know for Plymouth State orientation, you can take it online beforehand, but some schools require you to take it on campus. Find out before attending!

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7. Know your PSU login and password.

You cannot register for classes at orientation without it. This is crucial information to have!
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