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10 Winter Things To Do In Colorado That Aren’t Skiing

10 Winter Things To Do In Colorado That Aren’t Skiing

Enjoy the magnificent mountain views of Colorado without hitting the slope! Here are 10 things to do in CO that aren't skiing.

The eye-catching snow caps in Colorado are known foremost for skiing, but don’t be fooled. This mountain state offers plenty of winter activities that don’t include poles and a slope!

1. Hot springs

Visit one of the many natural hot springs in Colorado. Whether you prefer the nude nighttime hours at Strawberry Hot Springs or a grand view of the San Juan mountains from Pagosa Springs, this state offers many unique options. While some spots offer camp sites, in winter months play it safe and opt for a cabin or hotel room nearby.

10 Winter Things To Do In Colorado That Aren’t Skiing


2. Stanley Hotel

Halloween is over, but the spooky spirit of the Stanley Hotel lasts all year long. Hop on a historic tour or grab a room for the night, but be warned, floating orbs and shadows have been rumored to haunt the halls.

3. Snow shoeing

You can’t throw a stone in Colorado without hitting a snow shoe trail. With difficulty ranging from easy to expert, Colorado offers many scenic trails – without hitting the slopes. Snow shoeing can offer all the mountain views skiing offers, without the hefty price tag.

4. Tubing/sledding

Check out a ski resort like Copper Mountain or Winter Park and try out tubing! Get an adrenaline rush while whizzing through beautiful mountain passages. Most tubing spots in Colorado offer a quick zip back to the top, so no need to haul your tube.


If tubing isn’t your cup of tea, you can find a sledding spot in nearly every Colorado city!

5. Denver

Whether you prefer strolling down 16th street for shopping or catching a winter show at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the Colorado metropolis offers a variety of activities for any age.

Grab some dinner and drinks and head out to the many unique clubs and bars Denver offers. Try out Milk, where each room features a distinctive DJ and bar, or the Church if you’re up for clubbing in a renovated church.


6. Ice skating

Most Colorado cities offer downtown or indoor iceskating. Fort Collins offers a picturesque rink underneath twinkling lights, perfect for date night or a family outing. Grab a cup of cocoa and slice the ice with your blades.

10 Winter Things To Do In Colorado That Aren’t Skiing

7. Ice fishing

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who enjoy a little tundra, try out ice fishing. Check out Chambers Lake, Eleven Mile Reservoir, or Lake Granby for some mountainous views and plentiful fishing of trout, salmon, pike and crappie. Pitch a tent and prepare well, because ice fishing isn’t for the faint of heart.

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8. Snowmobiling

For thrill seekers who prefer to not hit the slopes, try your hand at snowmobiling. If you have your own you can check out a variety of mountain trails, but if you don’t there are plenty of options to rent or do a guided tour. Nearly every mountain resort offers safe and well-groomed paths that are easy to access.

9. Horse-drawn carriage rides

Nearly every mountain town in Colorado offers horse-drawn carriage rides through snowy downtown scenery. Bundle up, and enjoy the cozy ride through the city, whether it’s Denver, Fort Collins, or Breckenridge.


After your ride grab dinner downtown for the ultimate winter evening on the town.

10. Ice climbing

Admittedly, you’ll need to have some experience or a seasoned guide to lead you up the icy passages that cut through the Rocky Mountains. For those who are looking to try out a new adventure, ice climbing may be for you. You’ll need some serious equipment to make it up, but once you do you can catch some of the best views in Colorado.

10 Winter Things To Do In Colorado That Aren’t Skiing

Have any suggestions for winter fun in Colorado? Comment your ideas below!
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