Winter Staycation Ideas

Winter break is the time of year that every college student looks forward to after a long fall semester. After all that hard work, wouldn’t it be nice to fly away to beautiful Hawaii or gorgeous France for a much needed, relaxing vacation? Unfortunately, your bank account may not support your winter vacay dreams and leave you stranded in your hometown. But staying home for winter break doesn’t have to be such a terrible idea. Instead of feeling down about you winter break destination, take the chance to turn your city into the best staycation destination and have some fun. Here’s a list of things to do to make the most of your winter staycation.

Take a Food Tour

Naturally you have your favorite spots to dine at, but new restaurants are popping up all the time. Or maybe there are eateries that have been around forever, and you’ve never taken the time to try them out. Well now’s your chance to try them out. So, grab your phone and map out the best possible route. Check the menus to see if they have any special winter or holiday related cuisine.

Have a Spa Day

Whether it’s a true vacation or a simple staycation, spa days are always a great way to relax. For your winter staycation try finding special holiday deals in your area for spa treatments. Or, if you’re low on funds, create your own spa experience at home. Light a scented candle to set the mood and indulge in a facial and a hot bubble bath.

Movie Marathon

This winter staycation is super easy. All you need to do is grab your closest friends or your family and gather around the tv. To make the moment even better try whipping up some fun snacks to eat while watching the movies. Don’t forget to compile a list of great movies to watch. Since the holidays are right around the corner, consider picking some of your favorite Christmas movies.

Go Ice Skating

Just because you’re stuck at home for winter break doesn’t mean you actually have to stay home. A great way to get outside during your winter staycation is to bundle up and go ice skating. If your hometown has a nice outdoor skating rink take the time to enjoy the winter scenery as you take a few laps around the rink. If you don’t know how to ice skate, now is the perfect time to learn.

Attend a Holiday Event

Another great way to enjoy your winter staycation is searching for events in your city. Regardless of where you spend your staycation, there’s always a holiday event to attend. Maybe it’s an outdoor festival, or a craft making event, but there will definitely be something to do. So, search around and find the perfect event for you, grab a friend and enjoy.

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Take a Tour of Your City

You may think you know your hometown, but chances are there’s some part of it that you know nothing about. Maybe there are new establishments you haven’t ventured to, or a part of town that you’ve never visited. So, use your staycation as an opportunity to see what’s new or different. Not sure where to start, try searching to find out if your area has city tours and play tourist for the day.

Throw/Attend a Party

Wintertime is the perfect time to enjoy a party. Considering that there are so many holidays during the winter, there’s always something to celebrate and you’ll never be without an invite. Or maybe you prefer to throw parties instead. Well then take the time to throw a great Christmas or New Year’s party during your staycation. What type of party will it be? Will you make food or have everyone bring a dish? Where’s the alcohol? There’s so much to do, so start planning now!

Have any ideas for a winter staycation that aren’t on this list? Comment below!
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