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10 Winter Skin Care Mistakes That You Are Definitely Making

10 Winter Skin Care Mistakes That You Are Definitely Making

As the days get shorter, as the temperature slowly drops, and as the first snowfall makes its way along with the first teardrops as we stare at our final grades, we realize our mistakes. Let’s not allow our skincare routine to be apart of those many mistakes we are currently making. Although with tender love and care, our skin will be thanking us and glowing once May comes around and we are then crying tears of joy for the end of the semester. To avoid any more stress, here are 10 winter skin care mistakes you are probably already making and how to dodge them.

1. Applying Foundation to An Already Flaky Surface

During the cold winter days that we sadly must face, our skin almost always tends to dry out and then inevitably become flaky. When it starts to become flaky, the best advice is to quickly apply moisturizer or face lotion and especially before applying any product to your skin. When you apply makeup to an already flaky surface, your face will look worn out and cracked. Unquestionably one of the biggest no-no’s for winter makeup and skincare.

always apply moisturizer before foundation!

2.  Enjoying Your Boiling Hot Shower For Far Too Long

Yes, I know. I am currently advising you not to do one of possibly the best parts about winter time besides sitting near the radiator in your bathroom with just your towel and iPhone. When you sit and enjoy your boiling hot shower far longer than necessary, it can cause some serious damage to your already sensitive skin. During this time of year, there’s such an intense lack of moisture in the air and lingering in a steaming hot shower can jeopardize your skin’s lipid layer, which clasps on to the much needed moisture. So, during your precious shower time you must decide, what is more important? Your beautiful, healthy moisturized skin or that miraculous shower that you never want to turn off before your feet hit the cold bathroom floor (probably, almost always, the shower).


We all love boiling hot showers but our skin does not!

3. Taking Your Summer Skin Care Routine Into Winter

Most people have a particular habit formed when it comes to skin care, as it’s apart of their daily routine already, but this habit must break when seasons change. When it comes to cleansers, this is especially important as the change in temperatures will force you to change it up ASAP. In the summer, you probably use a gel cleanser, but that product may become too harsh on the skin once it becomes more sensitive in the winter. It’s probably best to switch to a mild, cream cleanser so you don’t over wash the skin and make sure it stays nourished throughout the day.

Use a mild cleanser in the colder months!

4. Drinking Coffee In Excess

Yes, I am telling you this as I write this after inhaling three french vanilla coffees, and walking to class everyday with my thermos in hand. Sadly though, this is true. Drinking coffee or any caffeinated beverage in large amounts daily can cause your skin to dehydrate and keeping your skin hydrated is so critical during the coldest time of year. Try cutting back on your caffeine intake and attempt to replace it with a decaf beverage.

Drinking too much coffee can dehydrate skin!

5. Ending the SPF Obsession

Ladies and gentlemen, this was our most needed product throughout the Summer and still is! Do not let the cold weather fool you, this is still a critical product for everyone. Even if you spend at most an hour outside a day, the suns rays can still harm you and damage your skin, even if they’re not shining as bright. You might not need sunscreen exactly, but compromise with a cream moisturizer with SPF so you kill two birds with one stone, you’ll thank me later.


Always apply sunscreen even in the winter!

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6. Not Protecting Your Eyes

Please do not believe the trend where sunglasses are just for warmer months, just because it’s arctic weather outside doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining. Not wearing sunglasses while the sun is shining means you’re more likely to squint frequently, causing wrinkles around your eyes. Nobody wants wrinkles, especially at a young age around the most noticeable spot on your body. So pick up a new pair of Ray Bans, you’ll need them this winter.

Sunglasses are still a must in the winter!

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7. Thinking You Can End Your Day Without Chapstick

I cannot stress anymore how chapped your lips and skin get by the end of a Winter day and chapstick or lip balm, I promise you, will be your knight in shining armor. It will relieve your lips after a long day and keep them nourished throughout a good night’s sleep.

Always apply chapstick or lip balm before bed!

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8. Using Sandpaper As Tissues

Wintertime means beautiful snowfall, hearing children’s laughter throughout your neighborhood as they build snowmen, and oh yeah, runny noses and hacking up a storm. If and when you get sick this season, it’s very important to use soft tissues on your nose and not the rough, cheap kind. I know it sounds silly but your skin is sensitive during this time and this leads to the skin around your nose to peel, leaving a burning sensation. Do yourself the favor and just spend the two extra dollars to save your skin!

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Splurge for soft tissues during the dry winter months!

9. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Care

We all know that feeling of getting a random itchy spot somewhere on our bodies during the cold weather, typically our arms or legs. Once your skin gets extremely dry, it starts to itch like crazy and then it’s like the devil decided to take a visit onto your body. Be sure to start your regime early to avoid this atrocity, lots of lotion all around!

These remedies are great for dry winter skin!

10. Oil On Moist Skin

This is my favorite beauty hack of all time but it is especially helpful during the winter. When you’re done taking a shower, it is best to apply baby oil or oil gel on your arms, and legs, and really anywhere else you wish to do so. Apply it on damp, even wet skin so it helps lock in the moisture for a long period of time, this is especially critical during the cold season.


baby oils locks in moisture on skin after the shower!

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Do you know of any other winter skin care mistakes to avoid? Share in the comments below!



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