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Winter Outfits To Wear With A Spray Tan

Winter Outfits To Wear With A Spray Tan

These colors are perfect for winter outfits to pair with a fresh spray tan in order to look your absolute best! Bright colors will bring out your tan and make it more prominent, whereas darker colors offer an elegant contrast. It is important to keep this in mind, as you should choose a lighter shade the more you will accentuate your tan. Remember that choosing the right accessories in these colors will add a ton of extra pop to your winter outfits and really show off your tan, so don’t be afraid to add in accents of other colors!

Wear White For An Outfit That Is Sure To Make Your Tan Pop

White is the most common color recommendation to show off your new tan, it will contrast against your skin to make it appear darker and the tan more pronounced. This is true of any bright color, so be sure to look for a bright white if you want the maximum effect. For a darker tan, try wearing shades of off-white. Pair with another color clothing item or accessory from this list to add extra contrast and really make your new bronze color pop!


Stay Golden All Day Long

Aside from its reputation as a glamorous color, shades of gold can accentuate your tan while bringing warmth to your winter outfits and is perfect for any fancy events. Shiny or sparkling shades of gold will help bring out the shimmery undertones in your tan. This fun, energetic color can be perfectly paired with shimmery makeup and sophisticated jewelry or accessories to look like a golden goddess!

Shades of Purples

Best for those with a beige complexion, purples are fantastic for highlighting your tan, and bringing out the color in anyone with green or hazel eyes! All shades of purple from violet to plum add an extra pigment boosting punch to your winter outfits and make your tan stand out all the more. Try colors such as lilac, lavender, and mauve. For a sharper contrast, pair a berry purple with a lime green accessory to really make the colors pop!


Rock Warm And Fruity Colors

Wearing shades of red, orange, or yellow will perfectly show off your new tan! Finding a shade of red to accompany your tan can be quite tricky, so try to find a shade of red that is well-balanced between pink and orange for a soft, supple look. For a more electric color to accent, your skin, try sapphire!

From peach and amber to pumpkin and carrot, all shades of orange will make your tan particularly noticeable and offer you a healthy glow. This is perfect for anyone with a natural tan, as it will bring out the red and brown hues in your skin. However, if you are trying to keep a spray tan from being too obviously fake, it might be best to stay away from orange entirely.

Try to stick towards brighter shades of yellow, as the brighter the color the better it will look with your fresh color! This is the perfect color for anyone with a fair complexion to look perfectly sun-tanned instead of snowy white in your outfits!


Cool Coral Colors

Perfect for anyone with a beige complexion, soft coral shades are a less rich and bold option for anyone who is looking to bring out their tan without drawing too much attention to their winter outfits. Like other warm pinks, corals will bring out the rose tint in your tan, leaving your skin looking bold and bright, without being overwhelming. This happy color will leave your skin glowing no matter what!


Light and Pastel Blues

As with any color, the lighter the shade of blue you choose to wear, the darker the tan will appear, while darker shades will make your tan less noticeable. There are tons of fun options to explore, as nearly all shades of blue will accentuate your tan to make for any sexy winter outfits!

Light blues and pastel shades work well against a deep brown tan or bronzed complexion. Any shade of lighter blue will contrast and highlight your skin wonderfully. The look pairs particularly well in those with blonde hair or blue eyes, as the colors will complement each other more.

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For a fair complexion, try an electrifying shade of cobalt to add some extra pop to your winter outfits. Sticking with shades of the sea is a good rule of thumb if you are having trouble choosing a shade. This includes any blues with a hint of green, such as teal or turquoise. 

Forest Green

Earthy and woodsy shades such a forest green may seem like an unlikely choice, but actually works perfectly for winter outfits to show off your tan! The deep jewel tone brings out olive complexions, leaving you with a healthy, bronzed glow. A wonderful choice for anyone with a fair complexion. 



Working with the opposite logic of wearing light colors, bronze works well to accent a tan by blending beautifully into your new complexion to leave you looking gorgeous and glowing all around! This works best for those with darker skin or a more bronze, tanned complexion. Use metallic shades to bring out the shimmering in your skin!

All Kind of Pinks!

This warm color will present a rose-colored complexion that leaves you looking vibrant, fresh, and healthy. There are tons of shades of pink, so feel free to pick whichever best fits your personality! Darker bronze complections will work better with pastels and light pinks such as baby pink. The pale hue with a warm base really helps the dark palette stand out. For those with fair or beige skin, hot pink or vivid magenta may better suit you! It is universally flattering and the best option to bring out a subtle tan in your winter outfits. Add on a brush full of light pink blush to complete your winter outfits!


Which of these colors are you most excited about using in your winter outfits? Let me know in the comments below and share with your friends the next time you indulge in a trip to the tanning salon!

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